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The University of Georgia is a four year college.

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Q: Is the University of Georgia a four year or two year college?
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Is university of Arkansas at pine bluff a two year college or a four year college?

four year college

In what year was Spellman College in Atlanta founded?

The Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia was founded in the year 1881. This school is known as a four year liberal arts college for women and it is part of the Atlanta University Center.

Is umass Boston a community college?

UMASS stands for the University of Massachusetts Boston. Thus, it is a four year university and not a community college which is a two year college.

Do dentists go to university or college?

You need a four year college education and then 4 years of dental school at a university

What is the tuition costs per year for a nurse?

the averages $7632 for LPN if completed at community college $14040 at four year university $8,922 for ASN if completed at community college $21060 at four year university $21672 for BSN if prerequisites done at community college $28,000 for BSN all at four year university Masters and Doctorate are variable depending of the type

What word means academic title granted after completion of a four-year program at a college or university?

Graduate is the academic title given after completing a four-year bachelor's degree program at a college or university.

Is ucla a two year or four year college?

The University of California: Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public four year university.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

Is Alabama State University a college or university?

Alabama State University is a four year co-ed public institution.

What would be a good college to study IT security at?

While there are many IT security programs online, many four-year colleges offer a degree in IT security. Some include Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Nevada and Davenport University.

Is asu a 4 year college?

Yes, Arizona State University (ASU) is a four-year university offering bachelor degrees in a variety of majors.

What is transfer level math?

It means that credit for the course can be transferred from a community college to a four-year university. The topics covered, and the level of depth, should be comparable to the similar course that is taught at the four-year university. Contact a counselor at the four-year university for advice on what classes will transfer.

In bridge to terabithia where did Miss. Edmunds spent a year at college?

In "Bridge to Terabithia," Miss Edmunds mentions that she spent a year at the University of Georgia in Athens.