Is the Wagtail a rare bird?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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We have some in my area in England, and I've seen 1 so practically YES they are rare birds and very cute xxx

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Q: Is the Wagtail a rare bird?
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Where can you find Knikila a wagtail bird?

The wagtail is a type of bird that is most commonly found in Asia and Australia. It is a very small bird that is smart.

What is the national bird of Latvia?

Its White Wagtail.

The wagtail bird can be yellow grey or pied is this correct?

Yes the wagtail bird can be all these.But these are only the British and European wagtails and there are many ore wagtails worldwide here is a complete list; 1.White Wagtail(or pied) 2.Japanese Wagtail 3.White-browed Wagtail 4.Mekong Wagtail 5.African Pied Wagtail 6.Citrine Wagtail 7.Yellow Wagtail 8.Grey Wagtail 9.Cape Wagtail 10.Madagascar Wagtail 11.Mountain Wagtail As you can see from this list there are 11 wagtails world wide including the Grey,yellow and pied wagtails.

Why do wagtail bird migrate?

by having sexual intercourse with a bear

Could you find willie wagtail in Ireland?

The Willie Wagtail is native to Australia. You will not find them in Ireland. However you will find birds known as Wagtails in Ireland, which are similar but unrelated to the Australian bird.

Where is the wigtail bird in RuneScape?

There is a tropical wagtail (not wigtail) in the hunter area south of the Fieldip hills.

What bird is the size of a nuthatch with a distinctive black and white striped tail?

Perhaps it was a pied wagtail.

When was Japanese Wagtail created?

Japanese Wagtail was created in 1885.

When was Forest Wagtail created?

Forest Wagtail was created in 1789.

When was White Wagtail created?

White Wagtail was created in 1758.

When was Mekong Wagtail created?

Mekong Wagtail was created in 2001.

When was Rare Bird Alert created?

Rare Bird Alert was created on 2011-03-15.