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The University of Phoenix has the appropriate regional accreditation. Therefore the course work and degrees are recognized by all other accredited colleges and universities as well as employers.

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Q: Is the adult ed program at UOP regionally accredited?
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Why was University of Phoenix allowed to lie about their accreditation on Answerscom They are not regionally accredited in many parts of America?

Answer 1: University of Phoenix (UOP) is regionally-accredited in ALL parts of America......and that's coming from someone who very much dislikes UOP -- and all for-profit schools like it -- for a variety of reasons. And so, therefore, my answer here is not in support of UOP as much as it is to simply correct some misinformation posited by the questioner in his/her question. Such questions are, by definition, "loaded" and so are unfair... sort of like asking, "So, have you stopped beating your wife yet?" Try all the possible answers to it and you'll see what I mean.Every last one of UOP's campuses, no matter where located, as well as its online school, is/are "regionally" accredited. It matters not which US state it's in because educational accreditation in the US is overseen by federal agencies and/or their non-governmental organizational appointees, not states.So, then, UOP was not allowed to lie about its accreditation on Wiki Answers. It is, in fact, regionally-accredited everywhere.That still doesn't make it a good school, though; and UOP's got big troubles, as of this writing... including a suggestion by its accreditor that it be put on suspension. But that's another rant for another day.

How is LeTourneau University... Is it difficult... Is it like UoP?

I am a graduate of LETU and it is Academically rigorous, but very achievable if you are willing to dedicate the necessary time to your studies. I would highly recommend LeTourneau University as a regionally accredited institution who integrates Christian values into the learning process.

Is the University of Phoenix's accreditation equal to or greater than University of Oklahoma?

They're both accredited by one of the US's six big "regional" accreditors approved by the US Department of Education (USDE), and the USDE-sanctioned Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Therefore, they're both "regionally" accredited; and most in academia agree that "regional" accreditation is the so-called "gold standard" of accreditation.So, then, yes, University of Phoenix's (UOP) accreditation is at least equal to that of the University of Oklahoma. However, UOP is by no stretch of the imagination a better school. UOP is, in fact, quite troubled, and has a long history of problems.For more about that, please see my other answer about UOP wherein the questioner wants to know if employers view UOP in a bad way. I've placed a link to it in the "sources and related links" section, below.

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UOP LLC was created in 1914.

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Is there a difference between University of Phoenix and a state university?

Yes. UoP is a private, for-profit institution. They are far more expensive than a state school. They will accept almost anyone, but that is not a good thing. The lower the standards, the less utility the degree will have. They are regionally accredited, so they are legitimate, but there are far better, cheaper options at state schools. (even online)

What does uop mean in text speak?

UOP in texting means U Owe Paul

Which is better National university or University of Phoenix?

I am currently attending University of Phoenix for the following reasons; 1) The nation's largest private, fully accredited university. 2) Provides relevant, real world education at over 200 campuses and learning centers. 3) Offers more than 100 programs at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. 4.) UoP has 397, 700 students and is growing. 5.) Constantly innovating for quality education. The admistrators and professors at UoP are great! Although the program is accelerated and difficult, it is very rewarding and eye opening. I have had a great education and learning experience at UoP. I am proud to be a PHOENIX!

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It stands for Associate of Arts in Accounting. You must have attended UOP. ..... Is UOP the only one that gives this out??

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