Is the ak 47 a machine gun?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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No, the AK-47 is classed as an assault rifle.JOPUOPYY69 JU897

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Q: Is the ak 47 a machine gun?
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Is Ak-47 deadliest machine gun?


Who invented the AK-47 machine gun?

The Soviet Union invented the AK-47. It was invented by a man called Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Is an ak-47 a plane?

no an ak 47 is a Russian assault rifle called a kalashnikov. It is the most widely used machine gun in the world

What is the best machine gun on modern warfare 2?

The ACR or the AK-47 they are excellent

Is the ak 47 more powerful then a sub machinegun?

By definition, an AK-47 that can fire full-auto is a sub-machinegun (and/or an automatic rifle), and not a "'machine gun."

Is a ak-47 a sub machine gun?

No. The SMG is a pistol caliber machine gun, such as 9mm, .45 ACP, etc. The AK is an automatic rifle. You may see them referred to as an assault rifle.

Is an AK 47 a machine gun? is not an a machine gun (u probably wont be knowing this) the minigun or gatling gun is considered to be a machine gun a proper one tho. most people say it a machine gun but it is a submachine gun

What kind of weapon is an AK-47?

An AK47 is an assault rifle, often incorrectly referred to as a machine gun.

What is the cheapest gun made for the military?

Well, the gun most used by third world militia is the AK-47 due to how cheap it is, probably the cheapest machine gun. However, certain chotguns are also really cheap. But my guess is the AK-47. If not, a shottie.

Why 47 is used in a AK- 47 GUN?

The "47" in "AK-47", refers to the weapons date of Patton (1947).

What does a ak 47 gun look like?

Google image search for AK-47


It is a type of gun