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Is the app cookie jar impossible?


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Anything Is Possible :)


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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?(NAME) stole the cookie from the cookie jar!Who me? (Yes you!)Couldn't be! (Then who?)And then repeat as much as you want.

Cookie Monster did and now he's coming for your cookie jar...

only the person who can buy that jar will eat the cookies of jar.

cookie jar is on channel 10 on saturdays

Cookie Jar Group (Cookie Jar Entertainment)

A cookie jar has a lid so it opens and closes.---- ----

In the cookie jar... yar har.

A cookie jar is a jar where you put or store cookies. It is also referred to a a place where you keep your valuables or "nest egg".

because the cap is a screw tht screws into the cookie jar

It isn't, unless you have a weird kind of cookie jar that I've never seen.

gemma crowson (a.k.a cookie monster)

he is in your cookie jar!

I think the song "Cookie Jar" by Gym Class Heros is about girls and how he cheats but he isn't proud about himself for doing it.And how he can choose any girl.OR COOKIE JAR is a place where you store cookies ^w^

The cookie jar was open and he took one of the cookies.

Yes. Why did you take the cookie from the cookie jar?

The value of a yellow Pierre Baker cookie jar will depend on the condition of the jar. One in good condition is worth an estimated $145.00.

The appropriate collective noun would be 'An army of ants raided your cookie jar.'

Sweet Dreams - 2000 Cookie Jar was released on: USA: 2004

Cookie Jar changed the concept without permission. Manic was fan made. SEGA did not create Manic, Cookie Jar did

There's no Hebrew word for cookie jar, but you could describe it as tsintsenet ugiyyot (צינצנת עוגיות)

I DID!!!!! (because the cookie monster died from over eating)

you give two cookies to two children, then give the jar with a cookie in it to the third.

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