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No, it isn't

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Q: Is the appendix useless?
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Does the appendix have a role in the human body?

appendix is a useless organ in the human body

What is the useless organ in the human body?

The appendix.

What causes appendix pain?

The appendix is a useless organ, in which most people have removed. Appendix pain is caused by irritation and infection of the appendix, causing it to inflate.

What is the name of a useless part of the digestive system?


Why does appendix hurt?

Your appendix hurts for an unknown resean. It is said that we needed it in the first stages of evolution, but now it is useless.

Why is your appendix useless?

No, an appendix is NOT useless. It stores extra waste. But you can live without one. Take me for example. NONE OF YOU ITERNAL ORGANS ARE USELESS. They were made for a reason.The appendix is actually the only way your large intestine is able to survive an infection (diarrhea). Any good bacterium survives in the appendix and once the infection passes by, the surviving bacterium can restore balance to the large intestine. So really, the appendix is a life saver unless you want to live with diarrhea the rest of your life.

What is a useless organ?

One that does not serve a function within the body. For an example, the appendix.

Purpose of appendix?

The appendix is a vestigial organ. It may have served an actual purpose at one point in time in our evolutionary ancestors, but in our bodies it is useless.

What is the purpose of a appendix?

Some scientists have done some studying. They believe that the appendix is not so useless. They believe the produce and protect 'good' germs.

Do dogs have an appendix?

No. The appendix is the vestigial (now mostly useless) caecum found in humans. Dogs do not have an 'appendix', but they do have a small caecum (a coiled organ), which does not have a very important role (unlike the caecum in herbivores).

Why do polar bears have a tail?

It probably was once useful but like the appendix in people its currently useless

What does the appendix do in the digestive system?

nothing, the appendix is useless. Because of all the peanut butter you eat. If you eat too much it'll BLOW UP like my eyeball on September 11.

What Structures are vestigial?

Hehe, I was studying this just now. Useless or nearing useless structures are considered vestigal. Snake's arms, whale's hipbones and human appendix are good examples.

Why does the appendix have to be removed?

Appendix is vestigial organ. That means it is useless organ in human being. You can safely and easily remove the same. Acute appendicitis is very painful condition. Secondly it can kill you if not treated properly.

What is the probable function of the appendix?

Many people think it is useless but others disagree. It produces and protects good germs for your gut.

Is appendix cancer treatable with chemotherapy alone?

Chemo is likely the best solutions for this type of cancer because it is an internal organ. The Appendix however, is useless in our body and so can be removed before the cancer spreads elsewhere.

Importance of the bodies appendix?

The vermiform appendix, lone regarded as a "useless" body part, may have played a role in sequestering colonic bacteria, so the intestinal flora could be replenished after recovery from an illness which emptied the colon.

Appendectomy in a sentence?

An appendectomy is not always the best course for an inflamed appendix. a burst one, for sure, but if itโ€™s caught in the right stages, antibiotic treatment can be as effective and much less costly both financially and physically. The appendix is not vestigial or useless contrary to popular opinion.

What are three facts about the digestive system?

it maintains homeostasis by getting rid of useless substancesthe small intestine is 23ft longthe appendix has no known use

How does your appendix explode?

the appendix is a useless organ that was used back only in cavemen times. now it is just a small pouch in the intestines. sometimes food will become lodged in there and start to rot causing an infection and the area to swell. after it swell to a certain point it ruptures.

What is the most useless part of the body?

Appendix, Has no uses. Plus it can kill you if it gets inflamed and you get appendicitis. So it is pretty much a time bomb waiting to happen.

Is the appendix a useless structure?

Many scientists are currently discussing if the human system used it to break down food or not. Scientists are not quite sure, yet, though.

Do you need your appendix?

The most obvious answer is no; millions of people have had their appendix removed without ill effects. Darwin suggested that the appendix is a leftover from when our ancestors used to digest leaves. Recently, it's been suggested that the appendix is used to keep bacteria that keep the colon in good order, however it doesn't seem to cause a problem to have it removed. Given that it's seems largely useless and a burst appendix used to be a fatal disorder, one might ask why it's survived at all. One theory is that a smaller appendix is more prone to bursting so it's reached a sort of happy medium value.

Define appendix and explain.?

define appendix and what items are included in appendix.

What is the medical term meaning appendix?

The medical term for the appendix is, appendix.