Is the arctic a frozen desert?

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What is the clothing in the Arctic Desert?

There is an Antarctic Desert but no Arctic Desert. The Arctic is mostly open sea, frozen sea ice and tundra.

Why is the Arctic considered a desert?

The Arctic is not considered a desert. Most of the Arctic is frozen sea ice and those parts that are on land are tundra, not desert. On the other hand, Antarctica is considered a desert.

Are the Antarctic and Arctic cold deserts?

The Antarctic is a true cold desert. However, the Arctic is primarily frozen ocean so is not a desert in the conventional sense.

How is the Arctic like a desert?

The only similarity between the Arctic and a desert is the fact that both have very low precipitation. However, most of the Arctic is frozen sea ice and not solid ground.

Is Antarctica the only ice desert?

Yes, the Antarctic Desert is a true ice (or polar) desert. Those parts of the Arctic that occur on land are better described as tundra. Much of the Arctic is either open sea or frozen sea ice.

Could arctic tundra accurately be called a frozen desert?

No,because the layer of the soil beneath the surface soil is frozen all the time this layer is called permafrost . The tundra and desert are two distinct biomes. While they share some characteristics, they are not the same. The only true 'frozen desert' is Antarctica.

What is the frozen desert?

The Antarctic Desert is also known as a frozen desert.

Can there be permafrost in a desert?

This could only occur in arctic "deserts" such as Antarctica,where desert is defined by the comparatively low precipitation, not by the lack of water. Deserts outside the arctic region (tundra) cannot have permafrost, which is permanently frozen ground.

Where is an arctic desert?

There is one Arctic desert. It is the Arctic Circle. Top of the world.

What is the frozen desert called?

The frozen desert is called Antarctica.

Where is the earth's frozen desert?

Antarctica is mostly a frozen desert, the largest desert in the world.

Where is the location of the Arctic Desert?

There is an Antarctic Desert but no Arctic Desert. Most of the Arctic consists of open sea, sea ice and tundra.

Is the Arctic a cold desert?

Yes.The official definition of a desert is 'a baron or desolate area with extreme temperatures, little rain and sparse vegetation. Also, it's actually the second biggest desert worldwide, second to the Antarctican desert, which is also a cold desert.Another Answer: Most of the Arctic is frozen sea ice and the little land there is tundra, which is a separate biome from the desert. The Antarctic is, however, a true polar desert.

What biome is called a frozen desert?

The tundra is sometimes referred to as a frozen desert.

How big is the arctic desert in kilometers?

The Arctic desert is 14.0 kilometers big. This the 5th largest desert in Asia.

What is the average rainfall in the Arctic Desert?

There is an Antarctic Desert but no Arctic Desert The Arctic is mostly sea ice and open sea with small areas of tundra which is a distinctly different biome than a desert.

What is the largest non-arctic desert?

The Sahara is the largest non-arctic desert.

What type of plants grow in the Arctic Desert?

The Antarctic is a true desert. The Arctic is primarily tundra and sea ice and not a desert.

What continent is the arctic desert in?

The only true arctic, or polar, desert is located on the continent of Antarctica.

Where was Captain America frozen?

In the Arctic.

On which continent is the Arctic Desert?

Most scientists do not recognize an Arctic Desert. The Arctic consists mostly of sea ice or areas of tundra - a distinct biome that differed from a desert. Antarctica, however, is recognized as a true polar desert.

Is the Arctic classified as a desert?

Yes. As strange as it may seem, the arctic is a desert. It is considered a cold desert, which has different climatic characteristics than a hot and dry desert.

What ocean is almost always frozen?

the arctic ocean is known as the frozen sea

Is there a desert in the Arctic?

Yes. There is a desert in the Arctic and Antarctica lands.REMEMBER: Deserts are classified by the amount of rainfall, not its location.

Are there any humans in the Arctic Desert?

The Arctic is primarily sea ice, open sea or tundra and not classified as a true desert. However, people do live in the Arctic.

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