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No, you are not responsible for their back child support.

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Q: Is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy responsible for back child support of deceased?
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What is the law regarding grandparents insurance policy if the grandson is deceased and owes child support in Texas?

If question refers to whether or not the insurance benefit is subject to seizure for child support arrearages. If that is the case, the answer would be yes. Any monies garnered from the insurance benefit that belongs to the obligated parent would be subject to garnishment for child support arrearages. If the named beneficiary of the insurance benefit is deceased and the grandparent(s) are still living, they can legally have the policy amended and another beneficiary named. In that case the monies would not be a part of the deceased grandson's estate and not subject to probate action nor distribution for his debts.

When there is Life insurance on a spouse that has an ex-wife and minor child and spouse that dies is behind in child support can ex-wife take life insurance benefits that are the current spouses?

No, if she was the named beneficiary the benefits belongs to her, and she has no legal responsibility for the deceased's children.

Is a spouse responsible for the other spouses child support debt if they are deceased?


Are life insurance procees taxable if the employer paid the premiums?

No. Life insurance benefits are not eligable for taxation unless the insured passed away without assigning a beneficiary. In this situation the benefits are paid into the deceased's estate and are subject to any back taxes or child support owed by the deceased, or the would be inheritor. Cash value is not the same as an insurance benefit and may be taxable in some situations. Group (employment) insurance has no cash value.

In Louisiana is the surviving spouse responsible for the child support payments of a deceased individual?


Is a wife responsible for paying her deceased husband's child support?

No. But, the minor child/children may be entitled to a portion of the deceased parent's estate and/or Social Security survivor benefits.

Can a husband change his wife as beneficiary of his life insurance policy without notifying her in the state of California?

Yes. The owner of a life insurance policy can change the beneficiary at any time. If there are divorce proceedings or child support involved, these things matters often include court orders preventing the change of beneficiaries.

Is a spouse responsible for the others child support from a previous marriage if he dies?

No. But, the child/children of the deceased may have a claim to assets of their father's estate.

Can I sue my child's deceased father's wife for child support?

His widow is not your child's parent, is not responsible for supporting your children and cannot be sued for child support. However, if the deceased father left behind an estate, the mother can file a claim against the estate for child support and/or child support arrears. The court will use a method to arrive at a figure depending on the jurisdiction.

Where would you find references to the deceased's child support and spousal support laws?

For child support and spousal support, once the individual dies, the estate is no longer responsible for any continuing payments. However, if there are arrears, then the estate would be responsible. The party owed the arrears should file a claim against the estate in probate court.

Will a death benefit from a life insurance policy for spousal support be taxable to the beneficiary?

The death benefit of any life insurance policy with properly named beneficiary is federal tax free. What you do with the money...may be taxable. Fear not, you are in the clear. 4lifeguild It also depends on who paid the premiums. If a company paid, and deducted then it's a good chance the proceeds will be taxable.

Who is responsible for your deceased father's second wife's medical bills?

It would seem logical that she would be responsible for her own medical bills. However, if your father is still married to her, he may have substantial responsibility for her medical bills. If your father has died but there are provisions in his will that call for portions of his estate to support her medical needs, or if there is insurance covering her, then others may have some responsibility.

Does the law require that I provide life insurance on myself for spousal support after divorce?

Laws vary from state to state and other countries. The divorce decree can specify that the spouse be named a beneficiary on a life insurance policy of a certain amount.

Are father and stepmom responsible for child support?

The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.

What states is it a requirement to pay child support and insurance?

Every US state requires parents to be financially responsible for their minor children. In regards to insurance (medical, dental) whether or not the non custodial parent is required to pay for it; depends upon the laws of the state in which the support is granted and/or the terms of the support order.

Can the beneficiary named on a life insurance policy be changed by a court?

Sure it can, provided the court has sufficient proof to esablish doing so would be in everyone, particularly the children's best interest. This might be possible, but if so it's done very, very rarely. I have never heard of it. A court might pressure the policy owner to change the beneficiary, but I don't believe they can force them to, or arbitrarily change it.

Who should an adult single child name as their life beneficiary?

An adult single child may name anyone they choose to be their beneficiary, if they own the life insurance policy. Some people you may want to consider would be anyone you are related to, someone who depends on you for financial support, a charity, your parents, siblings, or relatives.

Why do people purchase life insurance?

Keeping in mind that insurance is intended as protection against a contingency, life insurance is purchased as protection against the contingency of death. Although death will occur to everyone at some point in time, the question of "when" is unknown and therefore, insurance may be purchased to guard against that contingency. Most frequently, it is purchased to provide a source of funds to support the survivors of the deceased who may have relied upon him/her while living. Alternatively someone or something else with an "insurable interest" in the life of the insured may be designated as the beneficiary or purchase the insurance on the insured. An example of this may be a business partner so that the business can be ongoing despite the demise of the insured.

Who to call when deceased parent owes back child support?

Hopefully, there is insurance or other funds in the will designated for the child. Of course, the child will be eligible for social security benefits if the parent worked.

How is child support calculated if each parent has a child?

If you are paying support for one child and have one additional child you are responsible for, you pay 17% of your net income (after taxes but before insurance and retirement is taken out).

Is asking the noncustodial parent for life insurance in which the particular child is the sole beneficiary a typical child support negotiation request?

Usually no, you can ask for a trust to be set up in the event that the non custodial parent dies, but you can not require a life insurance policy to be created with the child as the sole beneficiary. In this case, the non-custodial parent can choose anyone they want to. If you are worried about the noncustodial parent dying, I would suggest asking for a trust to be set up. he/she is not required to do it, as I have never heard of a court requiring that.Another PerspectiveLife insurance is usually made a part of separation agreements when the parents are represented by competent counsel. It is not unusual at all for custodial parents to be concerned that life insurance be maintained with the custodial parent or child being the beneficiary. Even if the parents divorce, the child should enjoy the benefits of having two parents since they brought her into the world and are responsible for her support. Whenever possible a minor child should have the benefit of life insurance to pay for support and education expenses in case either parent dies unexpectedly.

What is a Person who decides person taken off life support?

The beneficiary, obviously.

Can you get child support from the state if the father is deceased?

No, you file for his social security. Also, if you have limited income/assets, you might qualify for TANF or Medicaid, or the Children's Health Insurance Program.

hello,my husband health is getting worse and we do not file married filing jointly because he owes over 40,000 in child support rears.if he becomes deceased would l have to pay his owed taxes what about his child support rears ?

No, you would not be responsible for his back taxes since you did not file jointly but the IRS can put a lien on anything he left you. As far as child support, you are not in any way responsible for that.

Can you collect past due child support from a deceased Veteran?

I fail to see why a deceased Veteran would give a hoot about your child support. If you're asking about getting past due child support paid out of his estate, then that's a question for a lawyer, not WikiAnswers.

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