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The blue jay is not a state bird.

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Who's state bird is the blue jay?

There is no state, currently, that has the Blue Jay as its state bird.

Is a blue jay national bird or a state bird?

A blue jay is neither a state bird or national bird, a Eagle is national and a Bluebird is a state bird.

Blue jay as state bird?

There are no states with the blue jay as their state bird. Both New York and Ohio have the bluebird as their state bird, a fowl often confused with the blue jay.

Which state do the blue jay represent?

The blue jay is not a state bird at all.

Is a blue jay a bird?

yes a blue jay is a bird

Is blue jay an endangered bird?

The blue jay is a very common bird, whever it is found.

Is a blue Jay bird an omnivore?

Yes, a blue jay is an omnivore.

What is a jay?

A type of wild bird. (Blue Jay)

Is a Blue jay a mammal?

=A blue jay is a bird so it is not a mammal.=

Is a blue jay a vertebrae?

A Blue Jay is a bird, has a spine, so is a vertebrate.

Is a blue jay a herbivore?

a blue jay is a herbivore but one blue jay ate a bird

How many jay bird are there?

Blue jay, Canada jay, Steller's jay, scrub jay.

What does Blue jay look like?

a blue jay bird is blue and white( or brown) and its REALLY beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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