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"Marley:A Dog Like No Other" By John Grogan is an adapattion of the New York Times Bestseller "Marley & Me" by John Grogan, especially for kids.

Its is based on the life of John Grogan, and his 13 years with his Labrador, Marley. Therefore, the book is Non-fiction.

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Is the book Marley and Me fiction?

No, Marley and Me tells the story of the author, John Grogan, and his dog Marley. It is a non-fiction book.

What are the main Characters in the book Marley and me?

John Grogan, Jenny Grogan, and Marley the dog

Who wrote the book Marley and Me?

John Grogan wrote Marley & Me.

Is rita the owner of Marley in the book Marley and me?

no, john and jenny grogan

What are the Key Characters and Qualities in the book Marley and Me?

Jenny and John Grogan Marley Grogan (their dog) are the main characters in this story.

Who wrote the book Marley?

The author is John Grogan.

What has the author John Grogan written?

John Grogan has written: 'Christmas is Coming, Marley' 'Selling Without Selling Your Soul' 'Workplace Law' 'Marley CD' 'Marley & Me Low Price CD' 'Growing up Grogan' -- subject(s): Journalists, Biography 'Marley' -- subject(s): Thanksgiving cooking, Toy and movable books, Juvenile fiction, Lift-the-flap books, Fiction, Thanksgiving Day, Specimens, Dogs 'Bad Dog, Marley!' -- subject(s): Dogs, Dogs in fiction, Juvenile fiction, Fiction 'Marley & Me Illustrated Edition' 'Marley' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Labrador retriever, Juvenile literature, Biography 'Marley & Me' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Anecdotes, Biography, Biography & Autobiography, Dogs, Labrador retriever, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Pets, Labrador retrievers, Popular Print Disabled Books

Is the book Marley and Me a true story?

Yes, it was written by John Grogan about his family's experiences with their dog Marley.

Is Marley and Me non-fiction or fiction?

According to its authors, the book is non-fiction.

What is Marley and Me about?

Marley and me is about a married couple John grogan and jenny grogan, there lives are changed when they get a wild and lovable dog called Marley. The book is about his life with john and jenny through the good and the bad times. It is a true story! A film was made in 2008 staring Jennifer aniston!

Is Marley and Me a true story?

Yes it is a true story. In fact, in the movie Marley's owner is John Grogan and John Grogan is a real author of the book. At the very end of the book it has the author's note that says he has a old dog named Gracie. So I think he bought a new dog after Marley died which was very sad.i

Who is the main character of the book Marley a dog like no other?

the main character of the book Marley a dog like no other is Marley.

In the book Marley a dog like no other how does the book end?

Marley dies.

Is Marley and Me non fiction or fiction?

The book is an autobiography, so ... theoretically non-fiction, with likely some "enhancements" as is customary in autobiographies.

What books has John Grogan wrote?

John Grogan, born March 20, 1957, is a famous U.S. writer who wrote a book called "The Longest Trip Home", which was a story about the author's childhood and growing up. He also wrote two other books: one called "Marley and Me", which was about a dog and his family, and one called "John Grogan", which was self-titled.

How was Marley in Marley and Me named?

John and Jenny Grogan named their new puppy Marley because Bob Marley's music had been with them throughout their marriage. On pages 12 & 13 of my book, this is when they described it: "The more we explored, the more we fell in love, both with South Florida and with eachother. And always in the backround, it seemed, was Bob Marley....We fell in love with his music for what it was, but also for what it defined, which was that moment in our lives when we ceased being two and became one." (pg 12-John Grogan)

Is Marley and Me and Marley a dog like no other the same book?

These are two different books. Marley, a dog like no other is more of a childish book. It is more appropriate for younger children. Marley and Me is a more adult book with parts only appropriate for older children.

What is Marley's owner's name in the book?

John Grogan and Jenny Grogan and three children, Patrick, Conner, and Colleen Grogan

Where can you get the book Marley and Me Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog by John Grogan to finish reading it?

When you don't own a book, and cannot buy it or borrow it from a good friend, the easiest thing to do is visit a library and borrow it from there.

What should a book do?

A good book should make you sob, laugh, and feel angry all in the same chapter. If it doesn't do this, don't read it. A book should touch your heart in a way that none else does. Try Marley and Me by John Grogan.

What is the climax of the book Marley and Me?

What is the climax for the book marley and me

What is setting in a story in the book Marley and Me?

This novel is by john Grogan. It was established in 2007or 2008. Publish in 1230 avenue of the Americas New York- NY-10019. It is a children's book and to assumed adults. Printed in United States of America.

I Marley a boy or girl in the book Marley and me?

Marley is a boy

What is the plot of Marley and you?

there is none since it is not a book. There IS a book called Marley and Me, however

What is the difference from a novel and a book?

A novel is a work of fiction. It is a book but it is not true. A book can be a novel or a work of non-fiction or poetry or other things.