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Is the boy who played Ned on Ned Declassified Dead?

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He is played by Devon Weirkheiser, who as of now is 21 (2012). He played Ned on the show from 2004-2007.

Ned Donovan has: Played Boy friend in "The Hunted" in 2001. Played Ned in "The Hunted" in 2001. Played Danny in "Ward 11" in 2011. Played Mikey in "200 Comfort Road" in 2012. Played Lord Fenris in "Wintersmith" in 2012.

Ned Kelly saved a little boy from drowning

Ned saved a boy named Richard Shelton.

the answer to the song do what you do do well boy the singer was NED MILLER

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No. You might think but no. Its just James looks like the boy.

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Ned Kelly was only the age of 11 when he saved the drowning boy, Richard Shelton ( aged 7), at Hughes Creek.

ned kelly was couragous because he saved a seven year old boy

yes soulja boy is dead he jumped out a window.I an dead searous.

No one knows the name of the boy but he was 7 years old,The boy had 8 brothers and 3 sisters.

No! Soulja Boy is not dead. Spreading gossip is not cool.

Soulja boy is not dead. There is a rumor that says he dead but he not. It wasn't on a the news or anything.

The character played by Bruce Willis. The boy 'saw dead people all the time' which as he also saw Bruce Willis, then Bruce Willis was dead.

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When Ned Kelly was at the age of 11 he saved a drowning boy his own age. Ned Kelly was given a green sash from the father of the boy and praise from the local people. He would later wear the sash at the siege of Glenrowan as proof (to himself more than others) that he was a good man.

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He Saved drowning boy ooooo ooooooo ah ah

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The boy that Ned Kelly saved from drowning was 7 years old, he had 8 brothers and 3 sisters but the boys name was unknown.

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