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Here are some average respiratory rates, by age:

  • Newborns: Average 44 breaths per minute
  • Infants: 40-60 breaths per minute
  • Preschool children: 20-30 breaths per minute
  • Older children: 16-25 breaths per minute
  • Adults: 12-20 breaths per minute
  • Adults during strenuous exercise 35-45 breaths per minute
  • Athletes' peak 60-70 breaths per minute

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Yes, and if you should ever have to perform CPR on babies or children under seven years of age you just use two fingers to push instead of the palms of the hand.

Some people still will use blowing oxygen into the lungs of the victim (they have recently changed this) and if you should still follow this rule then it's important to give gentle puffs of oxygen and not the more powerful ones given to adults.

Children's hearts can race faster, temperatures can run higher and their breathing can be either rapid or low depending on the child.

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Q: Is the breathing rate of children different from that of adults?
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