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Only when flown from a ship. It is the union flag on land.

(Not quite):

"The original Union Flag was introduced in 1606 as a maritime flag,

and in 1634 a Royal Proclamation laid down that the Union Flag

was reserved for His Majesty's Ships of War and forbid

merchant ships to wear it..........

It is quite clear that the name Union Jack was the name given to

the distinguishing flag of His Majesty's Ships, and that it is proper

to call this flag a Union Jack when flying in a ship, but this flag

which was formerly purely maritime is now used as the National flag

of Britain and some consider that it is incorrect to call it a Union Jack

when it is not flying in a ship and that when flying ashore

it should be called the Union Flag.

Strictly this view may be correct, and there would be no doubt as

to its correctness if the flagused were the 1900 War Office pattern,

but this is not so, and the flag that is seen in Britain flying from the

Houses of Parliament and other public buildings is the pattern

adopted by the Royal Navy.

Furthermore, it has been called the Union Jack in modern times

in Parliament and so by common useage it is considered that it

IS CORRECT to call this flag, which is to all intents the National flag

of the United Kingdom, the UNION JACK . It would also appear that

the 1900 War Office version should not be called the Union Jack; in

fact it is generally known as the 'Gret Union Flag'."

"Flags of the World"

Edited by E.M.C Barraclough C.B.E., R.N. and

W.G. Crampton M.ED.

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It is called the union jack when it is rased at sea. When it is rased on lad it is called the union flag.

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Q: Is the british flag called the union jack?
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Name of British flag?

Union Flag, or more casually the Union Jack

What is the name of british flag?

-- Flag vs Jack --The British Flag is called the 'Union Flag', as it is comprised of the crosses of St Andrew (Scotland), St George (England) and St Patrick (Ireland). St David is not included because Wales is a Principality, not a Kingdom.The flag is called the 'Union Jack' when flown from a ship.

What is the nickname for British flag?

The nickname for the British flag is the Union Jack. Although it is only correctly known as this when flown on a ship.

What is the union jack on the Australian flag called?

Because Australia was founded by British.

What is the name of flag in UK?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'special name', but the official name for the British flag is: Union Jack

Why is the flag called union jack?

It is correctly called the Union Flag, and only the Union Jack when it is flown on a ship, the flag would be hoisted up a ships 'jackstay' a rope which runs up the main ships mast, hence the name Union Jack. Most British citizens offhandedly call it the "Union Jack" though, in much the same way Americans call their flag "Old Glory". They called it the old glory because it is old.

Why is there a Jack in the union Jack?

The jack refers to the jackstay of a ship, on which the Union Jack would be displayed. Strictly speaking the flag should be called the Union Flag, but Union Jack is well known. Actually, the union jack is what the flag is called out at sea, but the union flag is what they call it on land.

When was the British Union Jack adopted?

it is the union flag on land and the union jack at sea

What is the history behind the british flag?

The history behind the British flag: It used to be called the Union flag/ Union jack because it represented the union of all the countries of the United Kingdom. The flag is an amalgamation of three flags, England North Ireland and Scotland.

What does the Union Jack stand for on australian flag?

The union jack on the Australian Flag is from the first white people to settle on our land, the British. The British flag is JUST the union jack, so, to celebrate the people who first settled in Australia, we have their flag in part of OUR flag. Hope that helps :)

Is the union flag the flag of Britain?

Yes it is called the union jack

Why did the person who choosed to call the British flag the Union Jack?

Union means exactly that - a union, in this case of England, Scotland and Wales. Jack is another name for a flag. A jack is a particular kind of flag.