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What was the result of Siddhartha Gautama's rejection of the Hindu caste system?

Answer this question… What was the result of Siddhartha Gautama's rejection of the Hindu caste system?

How did Hindu belief supports the caste system?

Hindu beliefs about rebirth and karma are tied to the caste system. The Hindu people believe that a persons caste is a result of karma and that deeds in past lives are responsible for ones current position (in the caste).

Is caste system part of the Buddhist and Hindu religions?

The caste system is not part of Buddhism.

What caste are Patel in Hindu caste system?

Patel's are in the Kshatriyas cast

Carried on by a hindu untouchable?

Caste system is carried on by a Hindu untouchable.

According to marriages in Hindu Caste System what will be the outcome if a Brahman girl marries a Nair boy?

According to Hindu Caste System, if that happens, the girl will be transferred to Nair caste only!!!!!!

What does the Hindu caste system state?

people must stay in the Caste they are born in

How did the caste system affect Hindu?

In Hinduism Caste System is very important. Caste system determines what a man should do with his life & how to chose his profession.

What occupations can this Hindu pursue?

a hindu can pursue any job or business. Some believers of Caste System pursue According to their caste.

What is the caste system in a simple answer?

the Hindu social class separation system

What is the Hindu social caste?

The Hindu social caste system begins with the Brahmin or the priests. Lower on the system are the Kshatriyas or the nobles, the Vaisyas or the farmers and producers, and the Shudras or the laborers.

What is Hindu caste system?

according to Mythology caste system was made to divide people according to their jobs. With the help of caste system society was able to sustain it self.

What is Sudra's?

sudra is one of the caste of Hindu Caste System. They are said to be the lowest of all castes.

Which statement about the Hindu caste system in India is accurate?

Foreigners were treated as members of the lowest caste.

What is caste in Hinduism?

Caste is Ancient belief of Hindu people. According to their occupations Caste System was developed to help society.

How does the caste system influence Hinduism?

The caste system is one of the major influence, as well as the decipline that i Hindu maintains, which includes things like, maintaining proper culture, doing all religious things like puja and all that. these things influence the Hinduism to the region it originated. you may find these thing like caste and society, anti-social, but in actual practice it's not. This caste system, made the Hindu stay more in decipline and it maintained it's state, as it was, and it is vital for the region as culture is mainly differences, and this make our culture alive for 4000 years, and it is vital for Hinduism to stay as it is.

Does Buddhism accepts the Hindu caste system?

The answer is actually no. They do not accept it.

When was the Hindu caste system adopted?

in Hinduism no one is forced to embrace Caste System. Rather it is individuals who retain their Caste System mainly because they see their caste with pride and respect. Caste system was originally made to help society survive and cherish.

What was the reasoning behind the Hindu caste system?

the main reasoning behind Caste System in Hinduism is to sustain the society. Also the Caste System ensured well behaving of everyone & Morales.

How did the caste system organize Hindu society?

by giving it five caste brahmin kasaytriyas shudrahs vasiyas

What were the basic or central ideas of the Hindu caste system?

Central ideas of Hindu Caste System was to establish a society which is ideal. Where every one does their Dharma (righteous living) & eternal happiness can be achieved.

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