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I think that red is a pretty good color. Its better if its bright, because you don't want it to look like there is stuff in ur teeth.....:( yuck

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Q: Is the color red look good for braces?
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What color braces look best on a brown head?

bright red or dark blue

What is the color of matty b's braces?

The color of his braces is Green and Red alternate like one tooth red and one tooth green

What color braces should you get if you have black hair?


What color is matty bs braces?

Green and red

What are good braces colors for red hair?

orange braces

What color were matty b raps braces?

red and white

What color goes with red carpets?

a color that would look good on red carpets is brown or peach

Do red and white braces look good?

it all depends on if you like the colors really, but white will make your teeth look less white

What color stripes look good on red car?

White stripes look very good.

The color of Jaden Smith braces?

jaden smith's braces are red and green.

What type of color braces are there?

Red, blue, green, yellow and semen

What color braces should you get if you get them on during the summer or a holiday?

Get the a cheery color. Light orange or red.