Is the conflict in israel regional or international conflict?


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this is a regional conflict


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International. That is why it is called WW1.

the US supported Israel in a regional conflict

the US supported Israel in a regional conflict

I am not quite sure what you mean by the Israeli conflict, since Israel is involved in numerous conflicts, both national and international. However, there is a high likelihood that the "Israeli conflict" is taking place in Israel.

In political science and diplomacy studies the incidence of war and violent conflict regards the failure of the international system to have prevented it. Specific causes to such conflict are geopolitical, territorial questions, sectarian strife, and competition for scarce resources.

A conflict thats international.

There is no such conflict. Abraham and his grandson Israel were never in conflict according to the Bible. There is also no conflict between the patriarch Abraham and the Modern State of Israel.

Israel International was created in 1975.

Regional and international conflicts are often caused by misunderstandings or disagreement over certain issues. Some of the issues that may cause conflict include religion, scramble over resources, and one nation interfering in the affairs of another.

Yoram Dinstein has written: 'The international law of belligerent occupation' 'Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 1975 (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)' 'War, Aggression and Self-Defence' -- subject(s): Self-defense (International law), War (International law), Aggression (International law) 'Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 1981 (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)' 'Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 1985 (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)' 'Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, 1995 (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)' 'Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 1999 (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)' 'War, aggression, and self-defence' -- subject(s): Self-defense (International law), War (International law), LAW / International, Aggression (International law) 'The conduct of hostilities under the law of international armed conflict' -- subject(s): War (International law), Aggression (International law) 'International Law at a Time of Perplexity:Essays in Honour of Shabtai Rosenne' 'Israel Year Book on Human Rights (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)' 'Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 1974 (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)' 'Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 1986 (Israel Yearbook on Human Rights)'

Israel Radio International was created in 1955.

3 International Airports in IsraelThe three international airports in Israel are the following:Ben-Gurion International Airport - the main airport of Israel, near Tel AvivOvda International Airport - near the city of Eilat in the south of IsraelSde Dov - in Tel Aviv (only short-distances international charters)

The immediate result was that it showed that Israel was not going anywhere. Israel now controlled more land in the Middle East and had effectively positioned itself in regional and international affairs.

Douglas Sturkey has written: 'The limits of American power' -- subject(s): Arab-Israeli conflict, Foreign relations, International Mediation, Israel, Mediation, International

causes WW1 to escalate from a regional conflict into a massive WW

First International Bank of Israel was created in 1972.

Israel controlled most of the Israeli conflict.

The areas of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians are the entire former Mandate of British Palestine which includes Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The strongest sources of conflict are in the latter two regions and the city of Jerusalem which is partially in Israel and partially in the West Bank according to International Law.

This conflict, surprisingly enough, took place in what would become the territory of the State of Israel.

according to the regional context international labour organization has flexibility in working on their criteria which is its strength.

Ostensibly in Israel, although there is no such thing as the "Israeli Conflict". Israel is involved in several Conflicts, such as the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the Iranian-Israeli Proxy Wars, etc.

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Israel is a state under international law.

Efraim Inbar has written: 'Democracies and Small Wars (Besa Studies in International Security)' 'The rise and demise of the two-state paradigm' -- subject(s): Diplomatic negotiations in international disputes, Peace, Israel-Arab Border Conflicts, 1949-, Arab-Israeli conflict 'Israel in the region' -- subject(s): Strategic aspects, Peace, Arab-Israeli conflict, Foreign relations, Strategic aspects of Cyprus, Strategic aspects of Israel

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