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Is the constitution a rebublican document?


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Yes, if you mean republican with the little "R". The USA is a republic, not a democracy.


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It is a separate document from the Constitution.

the bill of rights is the document that served as a basis for the us Constitution.

An 'Amendment' is any change to the constitution or federal document.

The British Constitution is uncodified, not written down. It is entrenched in the laws of the nation. There is no single document with the constitutional laws written down.

its like a document but for the us constitution

A constitution is a document, it does not have "events".

The document that was written before the Constitution was the Articles of Confederation.

which document preceded the constitution as the frameworkfor the nations new government

The U.S. Constitution is the document that states the amendments.

No Congress is a Gov't body, Constitution is a document.

The constitution is the greatest document ever written to some people.To others it is not.It is a person's opinion if they think the constitution is or is not the greatest political document ever written.

the us document that he infuenced was the us constitution

The Constitution was a conservative document because it established the electoral college instead electing the U.S. President by majority vote.

The document that was replaced in the constitution was the Articles of Confederation. This was replaced with the Declaration of Independence and was done by 12 out of the 13 states in 1787.

The Articles of Confederation were established before the Constitution

There are 38 signatures on the original constitution.

The US Constitution did not split up. It is a single document.

The constitution was conceived as an elitist document in as far as the drafters were wealthy, educated men. The document itself, however, proposed that all men are created equal.

In democratic countries, the document is called "Constitution".

An unwritten constitution does not literally mean that the constitution is unwritten, it simply refers to a constitution which is located among many different documents, unlike the written constitution which may be found as one document, even if with different volumes to that document.

The Constitution is an enduring document. It was designed so that it could be changed with time and changing conditions. It will be applicable at any point in the future.

in the year of 1787,39 delegates were there to be able to sign the document- the united states constitution

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