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No. Sorry, only a conversation piece.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 17:17:09
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Q: Is the corner of a 4 dollar bill worth anything?
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Is a 5 dollar bill with the colour of a 2 dollar and a 20 dollar bill worth anything?

It's worth 5 dollars.

Is 1977 five dollar bill worth anything?

its a $5 bill, its worth $5

Is a 1942 Trinidad and tobago 1 dollar bill worth anything?

What is a one dollar trinidad and a Tobago bill worth

Is the new five dollar bill worth anything?

It is worth $5.

What is 1974 elvis presley dollar bill worth?

If it is a custom printed dollar bill then its not worth anything, but I guess you could sell it as artwork. If it is a real dollar bill with Elvis drawn on it then it is still worth one dollar.

Is the 1977 dollar bill worth anything?

In circulated condition, it's still worth one dollar.

Is a one dollar bill with Washington's face only on one side worth anything?

Yes. It is worth a dollar

How much is a 1981 five dollar bill worth?

Is worth anything

Whose signature is on a 5 dollar 1981 bill?

I have a 5 dollar 1981 bill signed by the treasurer. Is this worth anything?

I have a 1935 E one dollar bill folded and worn is it worth anything?

Its worth at least a dollar!

What is in the corner of the dollar bill?

in the top right corner of the one dollar bill by the one is a spider not an owl

Is a US dollar bill that is about a centimeter or two too wide worth anything?


Is the 2003 one dollar misprinted bill worth anything?


Is a 1974 20 dollar bill worth anything?

Yup $20.00

Is the the discontinued Barbados one dollar bill worth anything?

Unfortunately no

How much money is an irsh four dollar bill in America?

There is no such thing as an Irish four dollar bill, so it is not worth anything.

What a 1957 one dollar bill worth?

In anything but perfect uncirculated condition, it is worth $1.

How much is a five dollar bill with half the serial number and no stamp worth?

It is not worth anything

Is half of a dollar bill worth anything?

If at least 51% of the bill is there, it can be exchanged at a bank at for another bill of the same denomination. If it's 50% or less, it's not worth anything by itself.

Is a 2-dollar bill of Jefferson worth anything?

If it's series 1976 or later, the bill is worth exactly $2.

Star on a 1.00 bill is it worth anything?

Yeah. It's worth one dollar. No more, no less.

Is a 1976 two dollar bill with a 1976 U.S. stamp on it worth anything?

Its worth about $2.

Is a series b1969 10 dollar bill worth anything?

Yes, it's worth ten dollars.

Is a 2004 50 dollar bill with a star next to the serial number worth anything?

It's worth $50.

How much is a one-dollar-bill-worth?

4 quarters