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Q: Is the country singer George Jones related to cult leader Jim Jones?
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Are George Hamilton and George Hamilton iv related?

They don't seem to be. George Hege Hamilton IV, a country singer with the Opry, is two years older and was born in North Carolina. George Stevens Hamilton IV, the actor, was born in Tennessee in 1939.

Who was related to Stonewall Jackson?

not the country singer stonewall Jackson

Is the movie pure country about George strait?

No. George Strait played a fictional country singer named Dusty Chandler.

How tall is country singer George Strait?


Is country singer George Jones still alive?


Is Andy Williams brother Don the country singer?

No they are not related.

Is George Clooney related to Betty White?

No, George Clooney is singer/actress Rosemary Clooney's nephew.

Which male country and western singer has diabetes?

George Strait

Who was married to George Jones?

Country singer, Tammy Wynette.

Did country singer george Jones wife Nancy die?


Is George Strait Mexican?

George Strait, the country music singer, was born in Texas, so he is not Mexican.

Is Chuck Jackson the singer related to Rev Jesse Jackson?

No every1 is related 2 George Jackson P.S he is well BUFF

What country singer has a boat named Day Money?

george strait

Who sings the song baby blue?

George Strait the country singer?

Who is the best country and western singer of all time?

George Strait

When was the country singer George Jones born?

September 12, 1931

Who is the Number one country artist?

George Strait. Only country singer with 44 #1 hits

What killed George Jones?

George Jones died from hypoxic respiratory failure in April of 2013. He was a well known country singer.

Who is the oldest male country music today?

George stait is the oldest male country singer, i think NO I THINK GEORGE JONES IS THE OLDEST

What famous country singer is related to which Phillies baseball legend?

Tug McGraw is the father of singer Tim McGraw

Who was the country singer that was arrested for driving drunk on a lawn mower?

George Jones

What did George Jones accomplish before his death in 2013?

George Jones was known as being a country singer for many years. He was born in Saratoga, Texas and died in 2013 at the age of 81. Until that time he was known to be the "greatest living country singer".

Is britteny spears related to country singer billie Jo spears?


Is Tommy horton related to Johnny horton the country singer?


Who is married to country singer George Strait?

George has enjoyed a long solid marriage to high school sweetheart Norma.