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George Jones is an award-winning country music singer-songwriter. All questions about George Jones can be found here.

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Celebrity Net Worth
George Jones
Clint Black

What is Clint Black's net worth?

500 million

George Jones
Tommy Lee Jones

Is Tommy lee Jones george Jones brother?

No he is not

George Jones

How old is george Jones wife Nancy sepulvado Jones?

Seventy seven?

George Jones

How long was Tammy Wynette married to George Jones?

Tammy Wynette and George Jones were married from February 16, 1969 to March 13, 1975.

George Jones

Who wrote the song open pit mine sung by george Jones?

Delbert Gentry

George Jones

What is a popular Tammy Wynette and George Jones duet?

Here are a few: "Golden Ring" "Were Gonna Hold On" "Were Not the Jet Set" "Those Were The Good Times" And many more

George Jones

Did George Jones sing old red?

Yes, it was the last track (#10) on George's 1990 CD "You Oughta Be Here With Me". It is the same song that Blake Shelton covered on his self-titled debut CD, but it is a different song than the old Marty Robbins song of the same name (from the "Return of the Gunfighter" album).

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George Jones

Is George Jones still alive?

Yes, George Jones is still very alive and active in making albums and singing at concerts. He does over 100 concerts a year. He also has gotten saved and has quit drinking, doing drugs, smoking, and even drinking coffee. His voice has weakened over the years but, he still has a very good voice. He just kind of sounds tired. But, he still can sing really, really good. It has only weakened some. He is now 77 years old and is enjoying his life with wife Nancy Jones who straightened him out in the mid-80s. George has not drunk from the mid-80s up until 1999 when he was depressed and got drunk and drove and had a very bad car crash. Then Vestal Goodman came to the hospital after George was doing better and led George to be a Christian. George is almost the last of a dying breed. No one could ever Fill his shoes (George released a song in the 80s called "Whos Gonna Fill There Shoes" for those of you who don't know). Yes, George is still very much alive. Thanks, JonesAndHaggard (Josh Williams)

George Jones

Did George Jones and Johnny Horton ever sing the same song?

George Jones recorded Johnny's hit, "One-Woman Man", twice. The second time Jones recorded it, it was a hit for him.

George Jones

Who was George Jones wife?

tammy wynette

George Jones

Is George Jones a Christian?


George Jones

Did george Jones beat tammy wynette?

No, he didn`t. At one time during her career, Tammy Wynette claimed to have been abducted and beaten. There were photos published showing that she had been exposed to violence. This incident may be what you`re thinking of, but Jones had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened. On the contrary they had great respect for one another and stayed friends up until Tammy`s death.

George Jones

He stopped loving her today means what does this song by george Jones mean?

It means that he died. "They hung the wreath on the door." He loved her until the day he died.

George Jones

Who sang the Blues Man First George Jones?

hank Jr wrote and sang it first

George Jones

Did george Jones son sing on the porter wagoner show?

Yes,I remember Porter introducing two little boys as George Jones son's,however their last name was not Jones. They could really put on a show and sing. I wonder where they are today.

George Jones

What are George Jones' childrens' names?

His sons are Jeffrey and Brian. His girls are Georgette, Susan, Sherry, and Adina.

George Jones

What is George Jones parents names?

I have yet to prove it but Georges mothers name is said to be Clara Patterson Jones.

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The Flintstones
George Jones

Where can you buy the smith and Jones Christmas special from 1987 on DVD?

look on ebay.. you can find like everything there!

George Jones

How old is George Jones' widow Nancy Sepulveda?

Is George Jones wife Nancy still living

George Jones

Did country singer george Jones wife Nancy die?


George Jones

George Jones released what album title in 1962?

Songs From The Heart - Source Wikipedia Songs from the Heart (George Jones album)

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George Jones

Why did Ron Gaddis quit the Jones boys?

George Jone's right hand man for about a quarter century, Ron Gaddis, did not leave the Jones Boys band - he was terminated. The reason was his ever increasing 'no shows' at concerts. It was finally more than 'No Show' Jones and his wife Nancy could take. However, the parting was not on bad terms, the Jones strongly urged Ron to get help for his alcohol and drug addictions. Gaddis tried to launch a solo career, and you can find his official web site on gaddiscountry that suddenly stops being updated in 2009. He released a 2 song CD that is no longer available, as the on-line store on his website is turned off. What has happened to him at this point is anybody's guess.

George Jones

Wasn't George Jones born in Saratoga Texas?

Absolutely! George Jones was born in a house just down the street from my aunt who taught school in Saratoga for well over 50 years. George j
Jones was one of her students. I remember coming to my aunt's house in Saratoga from college in Huntsville only to see George Jones and Daryl Edwards sitting on the old shady front porch and talking about old times in Saratoga. George used to bring my aunt all of his records he had made.
Daryl Edwards was a pretty famous person himself who was also from Saratoga. He was a song writer with many hit songs to his credit.

George Jones

Why was George Jones called the possum?

In George Jones' own words:

"I had an album out with a side view of me with a crew cut. I was very young, and my nose looked more turned up, and I've got little beady eyes so I guess I did look like a possum! So they both laid into me and called me 'Possum,' and it got everywhere. There was no way I could stop that, so (I thought) I'll just have to live with that!"

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George Jones

Is racehorse smarty Jones still alive?

Yes, he is! Smarty Jones is living at Three Chimneys Farm in Kentucky. He is standing at stud there and his first crop of foals will be of racing age in 2008. For more info and photos, go to


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