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No, he is the father of lies.

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Q: Is the devil your father before you are born again?
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Who was it that born before his father and died before his mother?

Jesus because he didn't have a blood father therefore he was born before his father, and he died by the Romans therefore verifying that he died before his mother.

What is always with you and never leaves you?

The Holy Ghost. Once you are born again. Before the spiritual rebirth the devil is always with you and never leaves you. John 3:36 "the wrath of God abides on you".

How old was prophet's father when the prophet was born?

prophets father passed away before he was born

Can you find out the father of your child before the child is born?


Which president had a father who died in a car wreck before his son the future president was born?

Bill Clinton's father died in a car accident before Clinton was born.

Before this president was born his father died in an automobile accident?

Before William Jefferson Blythe (aka Bill Clinton) was born his father was killed in a car accident.

When was the Jersey devil born?

1666 the jersey devil was born

How did Rutherford B. Hayes father did?

His father died before RutherfordII was born.

4 things about Christianity?

1.Christianity was founded by Jesus. 2.There is an afterlife called heaven. 3. One saying is " When you die, you are born again." 4. God is the father of every being. 5. there is a place of sins called hell, in wich the devil is.

Who was born before his father died before his mother and buried in his grandmother's bosom?


When was Devil Masami born?

Devil Masami was born on 1962-01-07.

There was a man who was born in May had a birthday in September was born before his father and married his mother how can he do this?

The man was born in a place called May, and the month he was born in was September. He was born 'before' his father, meaning his father was there to witness the birth. He 'married' his mother because he became a priest, and conducted the ceremony for his mother's marraige to another man.