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No, the dhole, or red dog, is not extinct, but is in some trouble as its range is becoming fragmented by land developement.

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What made the Dhole extinct?

The dhole, or red dog, is not extinct, but threatened in much of its range.

What sort of animals are being extinct?

animals that are going extinct are the platypus and also the Dhole. not to forget the Siberian tiger

When did the Dhole become extict?

Its NOT extinct but there is only little over 2,000 left in the wild :-( due to lack of attention

What kind of animal is the dhole?

The Dhole is a wild canine.

What is the scientific name for a dhole?

Scientific name of Dhole is CUON ALPINUS

What is the scientific name of dhole?

The scientific name of a Dhole is Cuon alpinus.

What is being done to help the dhole from being extinct?

The World Wildlife Foundation focuses on protecting vital habitat which in turn will support prey species for predators such as Dhole. It works with local communities and governments to establish and manage protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries, work to protect priority species such as elephants, rhinos, tigers and leopards has a positive knock-on effect on other endangered species such as Dhole.

Where does a Dhole hibernate?

The dhole, or red dog, does not hibernate. It is active year round.

Which is stronger a tiger or a dhole?

A tiger is several times bigger, heavier and stronger than a dhole.

What does a Dhole look like?

Dhole is a fox looking animal. It is orange and is about the size of a border collie.

Can a dhole bring down a tiger?

If it is a big enough dhole then yes. To be honest with you its the ahole I'm worried about.

In which biome does this Asian dhole belong?

The dhole is an Asian dog that belongs to the temperate deciduous forest biome.

What color is a dhole?

A dhole is red with white underparts and black legs and tail, or it can be brown with black legs and tail.

Is the dhole a social animal?

Yes, the Dhole lives in family units made up of up to 25 individuals.

What is being done to protect the dhole?

Hey whats up: Is anything being done to protect the DHOLE from being Endangered?

What is the name of wild dogs from India?

Most of the Indian wild dogs are known as Dhole. They are also called Asiatic Dhole.

How does the Dhole survive in its habitat?

it can survive by joining other groups of dhole in there area to make a giant group when food is hard to get.

How many Dhole babies are born at once?

A Dhole can have the same amount of babies at at time as dogs, that means anywhere from 4 to 9

Why dhole endangered?

Two of the major threats to the dhole are habitat destruction (and the associated prey) and human persecution. Furthermore, once dhole populations become fragmented, other factors such as disease and inbreeding may have more permanent effects.

What are some fact about the Dhole?

The Dhole is also known as the Asian Wild DogThe Dhole lives in groups made up of up to 25 individualsThis wild canine has a tawny to dark red coatTheir legs are short in comparison to their body

Where is the dhole in the main food web?

check on google somewhere u can find it just type in where is the dhole in the main food wed or chain

Is a dhole a carnivore?

Yes, dholes are carnivorous.

The wildest dog?

PitBull Dogs

Who would win a dhole vs a tiger?

Dhole is the term used to refer to wild dogs of India. A dhole is roughly the size of a domesticated dog and is much smaller and weaker than an adult tiger. One on one a tiger will easily kill the dhole with just one swipe of its paw. However, dholes live in packs and can use the strength in numbers to fend off a tiger.

What is the lifespan of a dhole?

10 to 12 years of age.

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