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Is the distributor shaft on a 1984 b2000 one solid piece?

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Yes it is a one piece shaft.

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What is stronger solid shaft or hollow shaft?

hollow shaft is stronger

Does hollow shaft perform better than solid shaft of same dimensions?

Depends on what you mean by "better". For the same dimensions, a solid shaft will be a bit stronger, but also a lot heavier. If you were to make a hollow shaft of the same weight, but a bigger diameter, it'd be a lot stronger than the solid shaft.

Why propeller shaft hollow.why we not use solid propeller shaft in vehicles?

Weight savings.

What is butter a solid in solid or solid in liquid?

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Why is a hollow shaft stronger than a solid shaft?

For a given outer diameter, the solid shaft is stronger, but it weighs more.For a given weight, the hollow shaft is stronger because it has a bigger diameter.due to less weight & less bending moment..............the resultant bending moment for a solid pipe is much larger than for a hollow one because of their weight difference

How do you calculate shaft power?

Shaft power P = (2(pi) * (angular Speed in rpm) * (Torque at shaft)/ 60 Torque of a solid shaft is given by (pi/16)* (Shear stress of material of shaft) * (Dia of shâft3).

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Why hollow shaft prefer for larger torque than solid shaft?

Since most of its inertia comes from the outside radius, a hollow shaft can be made lighter for a given torque

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A ball valve is a ball with a hole through it that rotates around its axis to expose the hole for flow or the solid wall of the ball for no flow. The butterfly valve is a flat piece that is supported in the middle by a shaft that opens or closes when the shaft is rotated.

What is the formula to calculate weight of solid shaft?

The formula for calculating weight of a solid shaft is dia x dia x length x 7.8 x 1000000. This formula is the most commonly used.

Is a piece of paper a solid?


What are the advantages of using a hollow shaft in a power transmission system over a solid shaft?

Most of the force in a shaft is carried by the outer layers of the shaft, and very. very little by the center. By using a hollow shaft you get almost the same turning strength for a lot less weight and material.

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If, by 'one piece', you mean solid -as opposed to laminated- then the answer is that a solid core will have significantly-higher eddy current (circulating current) losses than a solid core.

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Torsional rigidity of a solid circular shaft of diameter d is proportional to?

inversly proportioal to cube of diameter

Head does not spin on stihl weedeater?

There's either a steel or flexible shaft inside the tube between the engine and the head. That shaft is broken. Or if it's solid, it rusted inside the head

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