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The driver is responsible for the vehicle and its passengers. The means wearing seatbelts and littering.

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Q: Is the driver responable for the passengers wearing seat belts?
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Seat belts give the driver and passengers a riding down effect that slows them gradually?


How many passengers can fit in a Toyota Tacoma?

On the basis of seat belts, three passengers plus driver in the standard cab and four plus driver in the extended cab.

How many passengers are allowed in a car in Florida?

You are allowed the same number of passengers as there are seat belt sets. If there are 5 seat belts in a car then 5 people is the maximum allowed, including the driver, by law in ANY state.

How many passengers can the ford explorer hold?

My 1995 has seat belts for 5 passengers , 2002 and newer ( with the 3rd row seat ) has seat belts for 7 passengers

Why don't adults have to wear seat belts?

Last I heard, New Hampshire is the only state in the U.S. not to have passed laws making adults (driver, as well as passenger/s) in automobiles subject to a fine. This began with driver's who had been stopped for moving violations, or otherwise, facing legal penalty for not wearing safety belts. However, as of now, law enforcement in many states may pull vehicles over and issue citations if the officer feels a driver/passengers are neglecting to wear their safety belts.

How many passengers are allow in the car in illinois?

As many passengers as there are seat belts.

Can you drive a bus with a regular driver's license?

Depends on size and only if it is 15 passengers or less max capacity (count the seats/seat belts).

What does a school bus monitor do?

They make sure the children are wearing their seat-belts, sitting down, not throwing things, not distracting the driver.

How do seat belts help in collisions?

Seat belts help to prevent front seat passengers and the driver from being flung through the windscreen in the event of a crash. Rear seat belts prevent passengers on the rear seats from being flung forwards and crashing into people on the front seats. They also prevent people being flung outside of the vehicle.

Do passengers have to use their seat belts?

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Who is responsible for passengers wearing seatbelts?

The driver of the car.In KansasAn adult front seat passenger can be ticketed for not wearing a belt. The driver will be responsible for any minors. AnswerI think it depends on the state, but when in doubt I would say the driver. Like the captain is responsible for the aircraft, the crew, and its passengers, the driver is responsible for the vehicle, conduct on the road, and the safety of the passengers. A lot of people don't like riding with me because I wont even start the car until all belts are buckled and I make an audible/visiual check. If it comes unbuckled I pull over and turn off the engine, until it's buckled again. They'll hate it, but will thank you if ever in an accident, and it'll reduce the chances of you getting pulled over and getting a ticket. Not only that, if you are in an accident, the insurance companies will always ask if any one was not wearing a seatbelt.

Who is required to wear seatbelts when riding in the front seat of a car or pickup truck?

Most states require, at a minimum, that all front seat passengers be wearing seat belts.

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