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Steel isn't an element but, yes, it is a conductor.

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Is it stainless steel good electrical conductor?

stainless steel is not a good conductor

Can electricity flow through steel?

Yes. Steel is an electrical conductor.

Why is steel not used for electrical wires?

Because steel is not a good conductor of electricity. Copper is the best conductor for electricity.

Is stainless steel a good electrical conductor?


What element used as a electrical conductor?

Different elements are used as an electrical conductor. Silver is most often used as an electrical conductor and copper and gold are also used.

What element is often made into electrical wire?

It is the element copper that we are probably most familiar with as an electrical conductor.

Is brass a better heat conductor than steel?

yes, brass is a much better heat and electrical conductor than steel

What is the resistivity of steel?

Hi, The electrical resistivity of the steel represents the capacity of the steel material to oppose the flowing of electrical current within it. This characteristic only concerns the steel material itself. The steel resistivity has a role in the electrical resistance of a device made of steel. The electrical resistance also traduces the capacity of a device (a conductor) to oppose the flowing of electrical current within it. But for a conductor, the flowing opposition will not only depend of the conductor material properties (resistivity), but also of other parameters like its length for example. Julien

When is steel used as an electrical conductor?

the main purpose of steel in acsr conductors is for mechanical strength

Is steel an electrical conductor?

yes,steel is a metal and all metals are good conductors of electricity no you are wrong their not every metal is a good conductor yes every metal is a conductor but not all are good conductor.

Is silver an electrical conductor?

Silver is very good conductor of electricity. It is better electrical conductor than copper. Silver is not commonly used as it is much expensive element.

Why is liquid mercury a good electrical conductor?

It is a metallic element

What is the element in electrical wires?

Copper. Copper is an excellent conductor.

What chemical element is the best electrical conductor?

Gold and Silver

Are copper wires and not steel wires used in electric circuits although both copper and steel are electrical conductors?

Steel is not used as an electrical conductor because, although it is a conductor, it's not a very good conductor -as is copper and aluminium, for example. A steel-wire core is used, however, to reinforce aluminium conductors on transmission tower lines

An element that is a non-metal but conductor of electricity?

Silicon or Germanium Graphite is an excellent electrical conductor

What chemical element is used in electrical conductor?

The most common is copper.

A reddish-orange element used for electrical wiring?

Copper is a reddish brown element used for electrical wiring as it is a good conductor of electricity.

Which element is a good electrical conductor in the solid state?

Copper (Cu) is a good electrical conductor, as is gold (Au). There are a lot of metallic elements however which conduct electricity well so it is a difficult question to answer with a single element.

What element is an electrical conductor and heat conductor?

Examples of very good conductors are: gold, silver, copper, aluminium, etc.

Is helium a conductor insulator or semiconductor?

Helium in a chemical element, and an inert gas. It does not want to be an electrical conductor, so it is considered an insulator.

Is steel a bad conductor?

No. Steel is a good conductor.

Is copper an electrical conductor?

Copper is an electrical conductor

Is plastic an electrical conductor?

Plastic is not an electrical conductor.

How Molybdenum is electrical conductor or electrical insulator?

It is a conductor.

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