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No. Almost all nuts are extremely high in fat, and pecans are no different. Pecans do have a very low amount of saturated fat relative to monounsaturated fat though. Deriving a portion of your daily fats from nuts such as pecans is likely a smart choice.

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Q: Is the fat content in a pecan higher than most nuts?
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Why are pecan nuts only aloud in space?

Because they are. Pecan nuts have more protein and it keeps them healthier.

Why are there tassels on pecan trees?

does a pecan tree have to tassel to bare nuts

Can other types of nuts be used for pecan pies?

You can use other nuts, but then it wouldn't be a pecan pie. Well worth a shot, though.

Are pecan nuts harmful to Lab dogs?


What is the French word for pecan?

Pecan is spelled "pécan" in French. Pecan nuts are "des noix de pécan".

What is the name of a tree that bears pecan nuts?

The Pecan tree also known as Carya illinoinensis or illinoenses.

What nuts have 5 letters only?

hazel Pecan.

A tree that produces nuts starts with a p?

Pecan tree

Do nuts cause acne?

no.AnswerSince most type of nuts are greasy and dry in content, they will cause acne.

What nuts can be put in gift baskets?

A large variety of nuts can be put in a gift basket. These variety of nuts include: walnuts, almond nuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, and pecan nuts.

What can you use an pecan tree for?

Wood, shade, landscaping, harvest nuts.

Are pecans floaters in seed dispersal?

No. The seeds of pecan trees are pecan nuts. Anyone who has seen pecan trees know that the nuts fall and pretty much stay where they landed unless moved by wildlife. They may be scattered by animals or collected and buried by squirrels. The nuts are stratified over the winter and early spring at which time the germinate and sprout.

What food has the most energy content?

Protiens which is beans meats eggs and nuts.

Which of these nuts grow naturally in Australia pecan or macadamia or peanut?

macadamia nut

What is a good sentence for pecan?

This collection of nuts contains pecans, walnuts, and almonds.

What is the only real food astronauts could take into space?

pecan nuts

Why can pecan nuts be take in to space?

because they were beathed on by chad cooksey Easter

What is a 5 letter word that begins with the letter P and produces nuts?


Which popular Thanksgiving menu item is made from a tree native to the US?

That would be Pecan Pie, using the nuts of the Pecan tree, not the whole tree.

What nuts grow in North Carolina?

tree nuts almond filbert/hazel pecan walnut hickory chestnut possibly a few others ground nuts peanut

What is peacan pie?

Pecan pie is a popular dessert, especially in the Southern U.S., consisting of sugar, butter, eggs and pecan nuts baked in a pastry crust.

What is the name of a tree the produces nuts and has 5 letters and starts with the letter P?


What are peacans?

Pecans are nuts that go particularly well with sweet desserts such as pecan pie.

Are nuts and pecans the same thing?

no, they are in the nut family but the words ' nuts ' is just supporting all kinds of nuts and pecan is just a sort of nut so just to be clear nuts and pecans are not the same

What all do chip munks eat?

Usally they eat nuts such as Peanuts,wallnuts,pecan Ect.