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Actually. I got it at the Curio Shop and no it was not that much kinzkash.

Just around 800-900 kinzkash

And yes it is VERY rare

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Q: Is the gladiator helmet rare on webkinz?
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When is the webkinz gladiator helmet avaible?


Roman gladiator helmet facts?

Gladiator helmets had a grilled front, and a visor, Although the type of helmet and even whether or not the Gladiator would wear one depended on the Gladiator type.

How many Webkinz are rare?

There are no rare Webkinz.

Is the webkinz studio a rare item now?

NO the webkinz studio is NOT rare. you can buy it at the w shop in webkinz world four 1,000 kinzcash(one thousand)

Is the glamour gecko Webkinz rare?

Webkinz pets are not rare. Everyone has the opportunity to buy the glamour gecko pet. It would be rare if only a few people could be able to buy it. But since anyone can get that sort of webkinz pet, it is not rare.

What does a Webkinz Signature pet do?

search on webkinz please. It is a rare pet

How do you get a jukebox on Webkinz?

It is rare and at the curio shop, or just buy the webkinz robin

Can you do a cheat to get rare items on Webkinz?

Cheats are not allowed on Webkinz. And there are not any cheats for it.

Is the webkinz huskey rare?

It's husky, by the way. And no the husky is not rare, it's an average webkinz, but it must not be sold much where you live.

Is the webkinz chef outfit rare?


What are retired webkinz pets?

Those are Webkinz that are no longer being made. Retired Webkinz are worth more and get more rare the older they are.

Is the Webkinz Pot Bellied Pig Rare?

No, it is not rare. But it really depends on where you buy them. If you go to Hallmark, or other Webkinz stores, I bet that you would find one.