Is the great khali in svr 2011?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Although The Great Khali joined the WWE Roster in January 2006, he did not appear on the SmackDown vs RAW game of 2006.

Although he did make his first appearance on the 2007 version of the game, and has been on each one since then.

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No, The Great Khali is not in Smackdown vs. Raw 2011.

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You have to make him

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Q: Is the great khali in svr 2011?
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How you unlock great khali svr 2011?

The Great Khali is not in svr 2011.

Is The Great Khali going to be in SVR 2012?

The list isn't revealed yet, but he has returned, so he might be in SVR 2012. The problem about adding a character as tall as The Great Khali makes the game a bit more glitched, and matches between for instance Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali look very weird. When Rey is supposed to hit the head, he might hit the chest, and things like that is also one reason why Khali wasn't in SVR 2011.

How do you get hulk hogan svr 2009 wii?

first on exhibition when hornswoggle chokeslam the great khali

How do you unlock the great khali on WWE 2011 psp?

there is no great khali in wwe 2011 but you can create him

Is great khali on WWE smackdown vs raw 2011?

non the great khali n'est pas valable

What is the special challenge on challenge mode in SVR 2007?

Mickie James vs. The Great Khali. You play as Mickie James.

Is the great khali on smackdown vs raw 2011?


The great kahli age?

The Great Khali is 39 years old.As of 2011.

When the great khali come back in WWE 2011?


How do you unlock khali on Smackdown vs Raw 2011 for ps2?

The great khali is not in smackdown vs raw 2011.

How short can you be on svr 2010?

Rey Mysterio size is the shortest, Khali size is the largest.

What is the difference between svr 2011 and svr 2011 limited edition?

svr 2011 is normal svr 2011 limited edition has the downloadable code for bret hart