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I found an old insurance policy with this company. The insured is Judith A Kneeshaw which is me. Policy # L 5006603. Is it still in effect.

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Is Life Insurance Society of America still in business?

life insurance society of America was bought out by Madison National life insurance company. 1800-356-9601

Is Buckingham Life Insurance Company still in business?

There is no insurance company in existence that has a name that begins with "Buckingham". Contact your state insurance regulator and ask if an insurance company by that name has every been registered in your state.

What is the phone number for National Insurance Company Memphis Tennessee?

I have a policy that was taken out for me when I was born? Are they still in business? Who bought their business? Can I enforce it?

Is national life insurance still in business?

There exists an operating company called National Life Insurance Company. It is part of the National Life Group and has its home office in Vermont.

Is Southland Life Insurance Atlanta still in business?

Is Southland Life Insurance Atlanta still in business

Can anyone with insurance drive your car if it has business insurance?

No. Even if you have commercial insurance on your vehicles, you are still responsible for providing the insurance company with a list of drivers. If you do not notify them of the people driving the vehicles they can still deny coverage as you are not obeying the terms of the policy.

Does the national standard life insurance company Orlando still exist and how to get in contact with them?

There had been a company called National Standard Life Insurance Company that was located in Montgomery, Alabama. Its policies were reinsured by All States Life Insurance Company, which changed its name to Oil Industries Life Insurance Company, then to Businessmen;s Insurance Company, and then merged into Kentucky Central Life Insurance Company. The insurance business of Kentucky Central was taken over in 1995 by Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company of Greensboro, NC. The Office of Financial Regulation in Tallahassee, Florida shows no insurer with that name as licensed to transact business in Florida.

Are there any respectable companies in Ohio that sell health insurance for a small business?

UnitedHealthcare is a very reputable company that offers insurance plans specialized for small businesses. Humana is a lesser known but still reputable company that also offers many different packages for small business health insurance.

Is Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt Company still in business?

Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt became the Screw and Bolt Company of America. It no longer exists.

Is First West Life Insurance Company still in existence?

My First life insurance company is Aegon Religare and it is still in existence with better life insurance plans.

Does the Philadelphia Life Insurance Company still exist?

No, Philadelphia Life Insurance Company merged into Conseco Life Insurance Company in October, 1998

Is the Poulsen insurance company of America still a valid life insurance company?

Ghpoulsen@charter.net The original Poulsen Insurance Company of America (PICA) formed in 1954, later became the Standard of America Financial Corporation. It changed ownership several times and recent information indicates The Standard of America Financial Corporation was last purchased by Fort Dearborn Insurance (New York) in the 80s. This info came from the Illinois Dept. of Insurance. They were able to find information on one of the original policyholders after several searches since they had changed the acct. number.

Is there still Montgomery wards life insurance company?

Montgomery Ward Life Insurance still exists and is located in Schwamburg, IL. as a private company.

Can a person sue a company that is no longer in business?

yes the company will be out of business it will still be sued

How do you make a claim for a life insurance policy from National Reserve Life Insurance issued in 1962 in Calgary Alberta Canada?

Call the company and place a claim with the claims department...or are they not still in business?

Is Peoples Life Insurance Co of Washington DC still in business?

I have no answer I'm seeking information for my mother who has an old policy that wants to contact the company.

How does SafeAuto compare to other insurance companies?

Safeauto is an insurance company based in the United States of America. You can call a free 1-800 number to get quotes, but their website itself has no concrete information. They claim to be the best insurance company for people on a budget, but you should still find out for yourself.

Can you still have commercial insurance if business license is suspended?

Legally you cannot continue to have commercial insurance till your business licence is revalidated. It's your duty to intimate the Insurance Co. about the suspension of your business licence.

Do you make an insurance payment if your car is totaled?

You should check with your insurance company. If you still have a policy open for the car the premium is still due. But I'm not sure why you'd have a policy if the insurance company said the car was totalled

How do you find an old life insurance company named equitable life insurance company?

Equitable Life Insurance is an insurance company that has been around for a very long time but for your information they are still around and one of the largest life insurance carriers in the world.

How do you collect on an old life insurance policy issued in 1953 by Equitable Life Insurance Company with a home office of Washington DC?

It depends on whether the company is still in business. I was unable to find it through my sources. However, before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state, it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company is sold, then it must notify the Dept of who it was sold to. If it just closes down, its policies were likely sold to another company, the Dept will have to be notified of that as well. Contact the DC Dept of Insurance and inquire there.

If your car is declared totaled do you still have car insurance The insurance company has not paid yet.?

Hi, It depends on what type of insurance you had. Liability, full coverage...etc...Call your insurance company and find out.

Is Merlite Designer Jewelry still in business?

This company is no longer in business. Unfortunately, they made a business decision and decided to shut down their company.

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