Is the iPhone 5c any better than the iPhone 5?

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In terms of specifications, there isn't really much difference. The only big difference between the two phones is design. The iPhone 5c comes in more colours than the iPhone 5, although the latter does look and feel more luxurious to some people.
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Is Blackberry better than iPhone?

It depends what you want on your phone. It's relaly a matter of opinion, but I would choose iPhone. I think the iPhone is better because the Apps and Blackberry has a tiny keyboard. (Hard to text)

Which phone is better than the iPhone?

It depends if you download loads of cool stuff on to your iphone then yes it is better, but if you don't it's only as good as any other. --- Samsung Galaxy S2 "It depends on the variant(e.g S2 Skyrocket). the latest one is the most powerful" Check the link below to know more about S2.... ( Full Answer )

Is iPhone better than blackberry?

I've worked for both, fixing blackberry's and iPhone's. iPhone wins by far. 3g coverage, on top of wifi, more selection in app store, more durable (shockingly), and well, it's a lot prettier if that counts for anything. It also works as a CPU as well so it has ram and a lot more space to do what you ( Full Answer )

Is an iPhone better than a blackberry?

actually .. the Iphone 4 is more better but ... the blackberry is cheaper and the idea of the touch screen and the qwerty key pad is very Clever but myself i would prefer a blackberry torch !!! 9800

Is the iPod better than iPhone?

no. ipods are not better than iphones. 1, iphones have the same ipod technology but better. 2, iphones can call (of coarse, iPHONE) AND 3, it has the app store!!!!! (not counting the ipod touch)

Is the driod better than the iphone?

Answer 1: Nope, dont waste your time. Answer 2: I think you should actually decide that yourself. It's a matter of personal opinion, really.

Is the iPhone better than the droid?

The DROID Series is better because you can still see the blip move on the map, and there are so many features: bigger screens, better camera, better operating system. --------- Android Phones are the best, like Droid Phones... Check the link below(sources)

Is iPad better than iPhone?

Well it depends what you are looking for, really. I have an iPadwhich is really good for apps and and surfing the web, plus it'seasy to type on and easy to use. iPhones are just as good really,they are a small version of iPads and they are a phone as well,they have apps and are easy to use and easy ( Full Answer )

Is the iPad better than the iPhone?

The iPad and iPhone are two devices with similar functions. Each is better in some ways than the other. Small size can be an advantage. Large size can be an advantage. --------- They are the same.. Both are powered by iOs. The only difference is the screen size. Check the sources BELOW to help ( Full Answer )

Is an iPhone better than an iPad?

ipad is much better than iPhone because of the screen size and ipad is much faster than iPhone . Ipad also had better camera. But iPhone is the best phone in the world. Apple the best

Is Android better than iPhone?

It depends. But in my opinion Android is a little better, because it is more affordable and has a slightly better operating system. But the two are about the same.

Are droids better than iPhones?

as someone in the cell phone retail i can say that the decision all comes down to personal taste. if your more of a media person, (music movies, pictures) then i waould say go with an i phone. but if you like performnace and customization, go with an android. the whole appple line has always been m ( Full Answer )

Is iPhone 5 better than iPad 2?

ipad iphone two totally different things Iphone is Smaller and its a phone Ipad, is your internet browser gaming device without the phone.

Why are droids better than iPhones?

Well, that question is opinion-based. But I do know of one advantage the Droid has over the iPhone: the iPhone's built-in antenna can be blocked easily by a hand whereas the Droid's cannot

Is an Android better than iPhone?

No. Your iPhone may be a little delicate without a case, but in OS terms, your iPhone will last two years without being overridden with dangerous software or thrown against the wall in anger.

Is an iPhone better than an android?

IPhone 5 has WAY BETTER quality in video footage and pictures. Android however lacks appearance and awesomeness!!! Get an iPhone 5 if you can!

Is the iPhone 5 better than the droid razr maxx?

The bigger question is: Do you want iOS vs. Droid? I think the value of the Android platform is the level of native integration with Google's platform (Gmail, Docs, etc.) If you are a power user of the Google platform, there is no better option. The battery life on the Droid Razr Maxx is incredib ( Full Answer )

Is an iPhone 4S better than an iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 has the serie like the iPhone 4S, but the iPhone 5 has a way bigger screen, and cheeper app prices. So i think the iPhone 5 is better

Why Samsung is better than iPhone?

IPhone Is the winner for best internal speaker. Samsung Galaxy S5Is the winner for fingerprint scanners. iPhone 6 has superiorstorage. Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best performance. IPhone 6 hasthe best camera and price.

Is the Nexus 4 better than a iPhone 5?

It could be argued either way on which phone is better. I think itall depends on your needs...what do you want the phone to do foryou? Do you care about specs? Is user experience more important? Doyou want to access certain features in the phone across mostplatforms? What about software customizatio ( Full Answer )

Is the iPhone 4s better than the iPhone 5?

No. Considering Apple does not make iPhones that specailize in anyone task, every iPhone each year generally outdoes the other, thusthe older phone model becomes cheaper.

Which is better the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s?

The iPhone 5c is essentially an iPhone 5, but with a plastic casing. The iPhone 5s looks very similar to the iPhone 5, but has a 64-bit processor, Touch ID, better camera, and new colors (white/silver, gold). the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrentcolrs just silver gold and ( Full Answer )

Do iPhone 5 cases fit iPhone 5c?

Original answer by Duenick Edited by Arianna Lovendino The iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5s fit all iPhone 5 cases.

Is a Galaxy S5 better than the iPhone 5?

If we are comparing basically on specs alone, the Galaxy S5 is superior in display size (5.1 inches vs. 4 inches on the iPhone), processor (8-core vs. the iPhone's dual core), GPU, memory (2 GB RAM vs. 1 GB RAM on the iPhone), camera (16 megapixels vs. the iPhone's 8 megapixels), storage, and other ( Full Answer )

Is the Nexus 5 or iPhone better?

It could be argued either way on which phone is better. I think itdpends on your needs...what do you want the phone to do for you? Doyou care about specs? Is user experience more important? Do youwant to access certain features in the phone across most platforms?What about software customization? I ( Full Answer )

How do you get your iPhone 5c to ring not vibrate?

First go to your Settings. Open the Sound tab. At the "Ringer andAlerts" section turn the volume up. If you want to vibrate and ringthen turn on the "Vibrate on Ring". If you don't, then don't turnit on.

What are the differences between an iPhone 5 and a 5C?

An iPhone 5c is 0.7 ounces heavier than an iPhone 5. The 5c comesin green, yellow, pink, blue and white while the 5 only comes inblack and white. The 5c has a better battery. The main differenceis that the iPhone 5 is made of aluminum and the iPhone 5c is madeof polycarbonate body with a steel reinf ( Full Answer )

Is iPhone 5s better than iPhone 5?

(Pretend this is September 2013, and the iPhone 5s was justreleased. Then it'll make sense.) Let's start off with the basics.You're obviously now able to use your fingerprint as a password foryour phone. Everybody knows that. But, you're also capable ofadding up to 5 fingerprints, which can be read ( Full Answer )

What is the diference between the IPhone 5c and The IPhone 5?

The difference between the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5 is color. TheiPhone 5c is available in white, pink, yellow, blue, and green. TheiPhone 5 is available in 2 color combinations: white and silver orblack and slate.

Is the IPhone 5c worth it?

The answer to this is always subjective, based on what you'relooking for in a phone. If you like the iPhone, then you willprobably like the 5c. If you prefer the Galaxy series (or anotherAndroid phone), you might loathe the 5c. If you're coming from a Blackberry or a Windowsphone, you might be ind ( Full Answer )

How much is the iPhone 5c?

IPhone 5 body size: 123.8x58.6x7.6mm iphone 5C body size: 124.4x59.2x8.97mm iphone 5S body size: 123.8x58.6x7.6mm from three mobile phone book terrorist spending than watchers noteberth Lu body size parameters of the chips can be seen, the iPhone5 and the iPhone 5S size and thickness are the same, i ( Full Answer )

Is iPhone better than galaxy?

In my opinion, no. Ask they do is make their devices worse and copyother people's design.