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no its not. idlecontrol valve controls idle mass meter measures air flow into itake

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2010-03-11 19:27:55
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Q: Is the idle control valve the same as the air mass meter?
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Is the mass air flow sensor the same as idle control valve?

No, the MAF measures the amount of air entering the engine, while the idle control valve controls the amount of air at idle.

Vauxhall 2.2 frontera idle running erratic cleaned idle control valve and intake still the same help?

If this is the Eco Tech Vauxhall Engine then it will either be the EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) or the Mass Air Flow Meter. It's worth disconnecting the Mass Air Flow Meter when it is reving and see if this alters the revs if not then I would suggest cleaning the EGR Valve as they get clogged up with black soot and subsequently alters the air to fuel mixture as would the Mass Air Flow!

Where is the idle air control valve located on a 1999 Suzuki Esteem?

This is for a 2000 esteem. Give it a try.Steps to replace your idle control valveYou will want to begin by first gaining access to the idle control valve. In order to dothis you will need to remove the air filter assembly, along with the air mass sensor and the air mass meter boot. Once you remove this whole assembly, you should have easyaccess to the throttle body.Remove the four bolts that secure the throttle body to the intake manifold.Usually on the bottom of the throttle body, on fuel injected cars, there is a idle controlvalve. To remove the old valve, simply unscrew or unbolt it.Bolt on the new valve, and reinstall everything. Make sure you replace your throttlebody gasket at this time

Is the maf mass air flow sensor and idle air control valve for a 2000 Nissan maxima located together?

no, the MAF sensor is between the air filter and throttle body. the idle controll is at the throttle body.

1986 corvette dies after firing new mass air computer injectors distribitor?

Might want to check the Idle Air Control valve. Also check the fuel pressure.

How do you adjust the throttle sensor to stop it from idling to fast?

On 1992-96 Mitsubishi Diamante's the idle control valve goes bad after some time. The car will idle real fast and bounce when you put it in gear,or idle very slowly to the point of dying if you don't give it gas . Adjusting the throttle will not correct the problem.Others suggest changing the throttle body,changing the mass air flow device (MAS sensor) among other suggestions.Usually it is the idle control valve. Remove and replace the idle contol valve,also called idle air valve,stepper valve ,stepper motor,ISC,etc. It is a small part located on the lower half of the rear of the throttle body. This is probably the easiest and also cheapest option of those mentioned above and it'll more than likely be the fix too,try it!

How do you reprogram the idle on a 1992 Grand Marquis?

Reprogram?? I don't know if you can reprogram the idle but there is a idle adjustment screw on my 91 right under the intake.... Try adjusting thatu might need a idle air control valueAnswerThere is no fast idle speed screw on a fuel injected motor. Check the Idle Air Control valve, the Throttle Position Sensor, and the Mass Airflow sensor before you go digging around with the ECM. first 91 has a 5.0 92 has a 4.6 there is a stop screw that can be adjusted but i don not recommend it i would try the above

Why does you Subaru Legacy have a rough idle?

Vacuum leak, Idle air control valve, or dirty mass air flow sensor. Check all vacuum lines for cracks or disconnection. Replace as needed Turn on AC and check if the IAC valve cycle the engine to higher RPM to adjust for the AC load. IAC valve can be removed and cleaned.. Mass air flow sensor should be cleaned each time you change your air filter. Remove it from the Air inlet pipe and spray it out with MAF cleaner.

How much money for idle valve replacement on Ford Escape?

$79 if you do it yourself. It only takes 2 bolts and it sits on top of the intake manifold. Five minute repair if that is what you need. Go to your local auto parts store and buy it. Unplug the old one, remove the 2 bolts holding it on, install the new one, you're done. An easy, but always accurate test of the Idle Air Control valve is to just unplug it while the car is running. IF the car wants to die then your sensor is fine and working, if you don't notice any difference then the Idle Air Control valve is most likely bad. First make sure that is what you need. It could be a Mass airflow sensor if you are having problems with it not running good at idle. A bad Mass Air Flow sensor will make it stall at idle, shift bad, no power at take off. Usually a bad Mass Air Flow sensor can be cleaned using Mass Air Flow sensor cleaner. $6.99 a can vs. $100 to $200 or more for a new Mass Air Flow sensor

What would make a1998 Ford Escort zx2 die whole idlling?

There is a vacuum leak or the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve is bad.Or it could be your EGR valve, Mass airflow sensor or the O2 sensors. Most likely the IAC though. I am going through the same problem.

What would cause a 93 Ford Tempo to suddenly start idling very fast then after replacing the mass airflow sensor and throttle position sensor the problem remains the same?

Try cleaning or replacing the idle air control valve (IAC) located on intake manifold next to EGR valve.

Where is the idol air control valve at and how hard is it to change?

The air inlet valve is inside the air box. where the mass air flow sensor is. its right behind the air filter. just take the air inlet system apart and u will see it in the hose it is grey and metal the idle air control valve is located near the throttle body on a mercury..i don't know about a lincoln, but i would assume you should look there. mine's right on top, it allows air to bypass the throttle body at idle, so it should be on a port that overpasses the throttle body (i have heard that on lots of cars it is underneath the throttle...)

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