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Yes Except for the fact they are both cats, no. The jaguarundi is more closely related to the puma, or mountain lion.The jaguar is in the panthera group, which includes leopards, tigers, and lions, cats that roar.

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jaguar ocelot jaguarundi

Well it does not look like the jaguar! it looks like the ocelot

Their enemies are the Fox, Tayra, Margay, Jaguar, Ocelot, and the Jaguarundi.

Jaguar, jackrabbit, jackal, jellyfish, jacana, jaguarundi.

In the United States that could be a jackrabbit, jaguar, jaguarundi or a javelina.

Jaguar, jackrabbit, jackal, jellyfish, jacana, jaguarundi.

Jaguar, puma, ocelot, margay, jaguarundi, oncilla.

newtnightingaleJaguar, jackrabbit, jackal, jellyfish, jacana, jaguarundi.

Bobcat, Canada lynx, jaguarundi, ocelot, margay, puma, jaguar.

Felines (cats i. e. Jaguar, puma, ocelet, margay, and the jaguarundi.)

Jagger Jaglion Jagupard Jaguar Jaguarundi Jaguarundi Curl Japanese Bobtail Jaglion Jagulep Javanese Jungle-Bob Jungle Cat Jungle-Curl Jungle Lynx

No. The wild cats of South America are; Jaguar Puma Ocelot Margay Oncilla Jaguarundi

Jaguar, jackrabbit, jackal, jellyfish, jacana, jaguarundi.

Cheetahs are most closely related to the cougar and jaguarundi.

There are many wild cats in South America. Here is the list: Jaguar Puma Ocelot Jaguarundi Oncilla* Margay* *Closely related to the ocelot, and similar looking, but smaller, and more arboreal in habits.

Jaguarundi is an American mammal. Population of Jaguarundi is unknown. Jaguarundi are a bit larger than a house cat. Genetically its closely related to cougar. Jaguarundies are shy animals and they are cautious of man-made traps. This species is called by different names in different regions names, such as - Yaguarundi, Leoncillo, Onza, Gato Moro.

The jaguarundi is not an endangered species.

The jaguarundi is in the puma genus.

Most endangered, I'm not sure which ONE, but here are a few very endangered species in Mexico. Cougar, Jaguar, Jaguarundi, Resplendent Quetzal, Harpy Eagle, Margay, Mantled Howler Monkey, and Ocelot. There are more in the link below. The cougar, jaguar, and jaguarundi may be uncommon in Mexico, but none are considered endangered as a species. In fact, the cougar and jaguarundi are listed as least concern. The most endangered may be the imperial woodpecker, which may be gone already, but reports still come in.

Native animals of Argentina are : Jaguar Jaguarundi Oceiot Puma Peccary Red brocket and many types of snakes & insects & birds........

They are only distantly related. Cheetahs are from an entirely different genus (Acinonyx) rather then the Panthera genus of the jaguar. Cheetahs are more closely related to the cougar and the jaguarundi with which they share a common ancestor.

With respect to North America that are present or were present in recent times and are listed. Mountain Lion Bobcat Lynx Jaguar Ocelot Margay Jaguarundi

The jaguarundi (see image above) does not live in a nest.

The jaguarundi is the closest related animal to the mountain lion. See the image above.

The closest related species of the cheetah are the cougar and jaguarundi. They all descended from a common ancestor.

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