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I think the land is heated by radiation

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Where are convection currents most likely to be found?

Convection currents are likely to be found in liquids (when heated) and in gases, like during land and sea breezes.

Can you use convection in a sentence?

It was heated by convection currents

How does convection cause sea breezes at the sea side?

During the day, the land by the sea is heated by the sun. Through convection, this heated air rises upward and then in order to replace this heated air, cooler air is drawn from the surface of the sea, creating a sea breeze.

How is the troposphere heated?

by convection currents

Compare and contrast conduction and convection?

convection means when something is heated it expands or conducts eg. metal is heated it contracts when it is cooled it contracts.

Water is heated in kettle theinside water is heated by convection a person sitting near the fire receives heat by?

Actually, the water inside is heated mainly by conduction. A person nearby is heated by both convection and radiation.

Movement of a fluid when part of it is heated is?


When does convection take place?

convection takas place wen iron piece is heated

Why a spoon is getting heated over a fire?

A spoon over a fire would would be heated from convection, because convection is when hot air rises and cold air falls which is known as a convection current.

How is the air near the Earth's surface heated?

It's heated through the convection currents.

How is the earth heated through radiation conduction convection?

By radiation from the sun, by conduction AND convection from the core.

Find the mean for convection?

movement of air (HEATED)

How does water get heated?

Through conduction and convection currents

How are radiation and convection alike?

They can be heated by 2 objects

What is heat transfer by the movement of a heated fluid?


What is the transfer of heat by the flow of a heated material?


What is the transfer of heat by movement of a heated fluid?


Can convection take place in the water if it is heated at the top?


Describe convection in a room heated by a radiator?

it hotter

Why does Convection happen?

convection happens because fluids become less dense and expand and riseas they are heated.

How convection happens?

Convection happens due to the transfer of heat by the motion of a heated fluid such as air or water.

What is the liquid in the pot is being heated by?

Convection currents from the stove or microwave.

When heat energy travels by convection energy is transferred by the circulation of heated material?

Yes, when heat travels by convection the energy is transferred by the circulation of a heated fluid, such as air or water.

What do you think happens to the air above the land when it is heated?

when land is heated, the air above it also gets heated, which makes it to start rising. This is due to the fact dat hot air is lighter dan cold one. this gives rise to a phenomenon nwn as convection current. this is the reason of presence of moderate climate in coastal areas.

How does a convection current in earths mantle affect the crust?

the convection currents of lava underneath the earth's crust move the earth's crust.convection current is magma being heated, and is pushed to the crust, it then cools and sinks to the bottom, where it is to be heated again.