Is the lg tv with dvd fully digital?

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the lg tv with dvd if fully digital. Unlike many television sets. You do not have to worry about having a having to buy a digital box to watch television.

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Q: Is the lg tv with dvd fully digital?
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Can you record TV with a LG 26LE5310 Digital TV?

no you need a DVD recorder

What kind of firmwares are lg firmware?

LG Firmware is used to update the capabilities of LG related products. Some examples of products that use LG Firmware include LG Televisions and LG CD/DVD Burners.

Can you programme your lg DVD remote to work with your lg TV if so how?

If your LG DVD remote has a TV control section, normally with a white line around it,simply hold the TV power on/off button and then push up and down on the TV channel selector. Your TV will turn off. The remote is programmed.Hope this helps

To explain digital technology fully what is another example of digital and analog devices?


Do you need a digital converter box to use a DVD player?

No, you do not need a digital converter box to use a DVD Player, all you need is a TV.

How do you connect your lg tv to a Sony home theatre system?

If you are using the tuner of the TV, plug the digital audio out of the tv into the digital input of the Sony receiver.

Will an old DVD player work on a new digital TV set?

Yes. The DVD player does,'t usually go through the tuner. The "new digital TV" just means that it has a digital tuner. This won't affect things like DVD players that don't use the antenna input.

Will an Hd DVD player work with a standard digital tv?


Does the Samsung DVD-V9800 DVD/VCR Combo Player have a digital tuner?

The samsung V9800 unfortunately doesn't come with a digital tuner, but your TV may have one in it.

What is the code for a digital lifestyle tv so you can program the remote?

I use LG and it works fine. For Time Warner Cable, LG code 1178 to be specific.

Connect the Bose 123 system to LG tv?

go buy an optical digital audio cable

Can a DVD recorder record digital television?

DVD Recorders can record digital television as long as the the signals being received are not copyright protected. The problem is that most digital broadcasting is copyrighted to prevent people from make perfect copies to bootleg or exchange over the internet.

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