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no it is a scam. No one can predict the random set of numbers in any state or provincial draw. Too many people involved to make sure it is random. Too much money for the lottery to lose if it could be predicted.

$98 any winners would have made the news bragging how they won.

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I went to this website and the first thing that struck me in the 'lotto black book' The bullet supposedly taken from this mans leg is a rifle bullet. Um, color me pink and send me to fight in Afghanistan, but he would not get robbed/stuck up/or kidnapped with someone brandishing a rifle... Just too unbelievable. 2nd, I have worked for a state lotto program in the data processing center, the numbers are computer generated , threw random numbers. If you've ever done any sort of programming it looks sort of like this (Int(Rnd(1)*10) This produces and integer number , randomly creates a number between 1-10 in this case.. final word... "It is statistically impossible to map or predict random numbers" and you can take THAT to the bank..

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Q: Is the lotto black book by Larry Blair a scam?
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