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Q: Is the man on other side of earth upside down?
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What is the value of 1906 coin where eagle is upside down?

It's not upside down, take any other coin you have and flip it side to side to see how it is.

Is Uranus an upside down planet?

It is not upside down. It is on its side.

How do you spell Up-Side-Down?

The spelling is upside down, which is hyphenated upside-down when used as an adjective.

Can you only the southern cross in Australia?

No on the other side of the world it is upside down

If your on the bottom of the Earth Why wont you be upside-down?

because u will not be up side down u will just be at the bottom on land just like if u were living in Africa on the side of the earth on land. u will not fall down

What is the Value of 1928 Gold 2.5 Indian head with upside down eagle?

They are all upside down. Mints often rotate the obverse and reverse sides of the coin so they are 180 degrees apart. Each side appears to be upside down to the other side.

Do fishes sleep upside down?

yes fish do sleep upside down and if they are dead then they are on their side

Is the image that falls on the back of the eye upside down or right side up?

Upside down

While you are on Antarctica are you upside down to people in the Arctic?

This may be appear to be true: on earth all people's leg bones point toward the other side of the planet.

Why is Cassiopeia upside down?

The Constellation of Cassiopea isn't always upside down. Depending on where you are and what season it it, we see the sky in different ways as the Earth continues its orbit around Sol (our sun) Look for Cassiopea 6 months after you see it upside down. It will be right side up.

Why does my goldfish swim around side ways or upside down?

When their swimming upside down its usually a sign that their dying

Why bats hang upside down?

they sleep up side down

Do plants grow better upside-down?

Plants do grow better upside down, but first you have to grow them right side up.

How is the earth round and you are not upside down or side ways?

You are only "upwards" in relation to the gravitational pull of the centre of the earth. So wherever you stand on the earth is irrelevant as the effect is always the same.

Why isnt the Antarctic up side down?

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you may believe that Antarctica -- and everything south of the Equator -- should be 'upside down'. However, no location on earth is truly 'upside down' -- although it may appear to be that way on maps and globes.

Can you put your Xbox 360 on its side?

You can put it both ways, just not totally upside down vertical or upside down horizontal.

What eats an upside-down jellyfish?

up side down turtle

What is the value of a 2005 North Dakota quarter dollar with an upside down Bison on the reverse?

If the bison is upside-down in relation to Washington's portrait on the other side, then it's minted correctly and worth 25 cents.

What is another word for right side up?

Not upside down

Why do things look upside down in the microscope?

its because the lens of the microscope is convex. this means that it is curved a little bit, like the lenses of glasses. this causes the image to appear upside down. try looking into the curved part of a spoon from both sides. one side your reflection is normal, but on the other side your reflection is upside down, because of concave and convex. The side where you see your reflection normal is concave, and the side where it is backwards is convex. hope i helped!

When is the US flag flown up-side-down?

Flying the flag upside down is an international sign of distress.

What is the value of a Liberty quarter with the back eagle upside down?

Upside down is relative to which way you flip the coin. If flipping from top to bottom, the eagle should be upright. If flipping from side to side, the eagle should be upside-down. If the eagle is truly upside down from the way it should be, AND the coin has not been altered, then it could be worth a couple of hundred dollars.

The shape of the large intestine is like what upside down letter?

They resemble an upside down "U" or a right side up lower-case "n"

The planet that moves upside down?

There is no planet that moves upside down, as there is no real "up or "down" in space. However Uranus is tilted nearly all the way to the side on its axis.

Why do fruit bats sleep up side down?

fruit bats sleep upside down because all bats sleep upside down and a fruit bat is a bat