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No, They are both the same people. Glenn Jacobs wore the mask but he was forced to take it on in 2003 after losing a match. Glenn Jacobs is still Kane. hell yes his dick is bigger


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Both versions of Kane were played by Glen Jacobs. Who also stars in WWE's feature length movie 'See No Evil'.AnswerKane As Always Been The Same Guy You Could Not Find Another 6ft 7 - 300 + pounder With The Same Body Type And Attitude Remember Where all Different in WaysAnswerYes the unmasked and masked Kane are the same but before the masked Kane ever debuted there was another guy named Kane in the wwethe masked Kane was tronger than the unmasked Kane

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No. Actually, The original Kane was played by a different person than the modern Kane.

Well is should say that undertaker is better because he has done more in his cereer. Don't get me wrong Kane is a legendery superstar. But think about it The times when i see Kane dominent is when he was masked what was for about 6 years since then he started to lose hid dominance. as for the undertaker since his debut at survivor series 1990 he was dominent he is also a great athlete for a person who is 45 years old he can jump over the top ropes. so im not saying Kane is not legendary im just saying undertaker is way more legendary than Kane. look up the past matches with undertaker and Kane undertaker beat Kane 6 times Kane only three and Kane needed help for two of them

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