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Is the name McPherson Irish or Scottish?


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scottish causeim scottish and i should know

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No. McPherson is Irish and macPherson is Scottish.

Originally, it's an Irish name but a lot of Scottish people use it as well.

Maggie is a Scottish name. Meggie is Irish.

Northern English, and Scottish.

Irish an scottish of Irish origin

Scottish. Check out the McIntyre tartan.

I believe Bailey is Scottish

It doesn't mean anything in Irish or Scottish, it's an English given name.

The name McDaniel family history indicates that its a popular surname of the Irish and Scottish origin.

Sheena is an anglicisation of the Scottish name Sìne and the Irish name Síne. Sìne and Síne are phonetic renderings of the name Jehane.

Clark is a Scottish name and come from the word/profession 'clerk' and/or clergy. There are also Clark Tartans. Clark can be English, Scottish or Irish. The Irish Clark(e)s are actually O'Clery.

Anderson is a Scottish (Lowland) name. The Highland version is MacAndrew.

It is both Irish and Scottish. The Irish name was originally Ó Connagáin and Mac Cuinneagáin later changed to Cunningham. In Co. Down and Co. Antrim the name is Scottish.

It is 'Melanie' in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.It is Melanie in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.Melanie?

In Irish Mary is Máire. Is has no particular meaning in Irish, it's simply a phonetic translation. In Scottish Gaelic the name is Màiri.

Sort of. Fionnlagh is an Gaelic (Scottish and Irish) name. Finley is an anglicized Scottish surname​ derived from Fionnlagh. So it's a Scottish last name that was borrowed by English speakers... but it was derived from a name that was used in Ireland.

Bickerstaff could originate in any of these origins...but its most likely scottish or irish. :)

Yes, it has Scottish and Irish origins and means "champion in Gaelic.

No it is a Gaelic Irish surname

In Irish: scuigín In Scottish Gaelic: ?

Nope Scottish. It's Celtic.

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