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no the New Testament is not a holy book in other countries.


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The Bible is the holy book for Jews (Old Testament) and Christians (New Testament) and the Koran is the holy book for Muslims.

The Bible is the holy book for Jews (Old Testament) and Christians (New Testament) and the Koran is the holy book for Muslims.

Christians have no name for God other then "God". The holy book of the Chrisitians is the "Bible", which comprises the Old Testament Jewish Torah and the New Testament which documents the life and teaching of Christ.

The holy book of Christianity is the Bible. It has two main divisions - the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is basically the same as the Tanakh the religious book of Judaism

The holy book of Judaism is The Old Testament (Tanakh) The holy book of Islam is The Quran

There are 27 books in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

The Christian Old Testament plays no role in Judaism. That being said, the Jewish Bible is called the Tanach and there are no other holy books other than those found in the Jewish Bible.

The Torah - meaning Old Testament

The Jewish Tanakh (Bible) is called the old Testament by Christians.

Yes, it's found in the New Testament after the book of Acts.

Christianity has the Bible with the Old and New Testament. Judaism has the Old Testament along with the Talmud. Islam's holy book is the Koran.

I think you are thinking of the Old Testament.

No. The Qur'an is a distinct holy book.

No. Judaism does not believe the New Testament to be a Holy Book in its traditions.

The Ten Commandments is not so much a book as a chapter. The Jewish Holy Book is the Tanakh which roughly (though not exactly) corresponds with the Old Testament. To read more, please see the Related Question.

The Holy Scripture, Testament

Judaism - the Jewish Bible Canon (Tanakh and Torah)Christianity - the Old Testament (the Jewish Bible Canon) and the New Testament.Islam - The Qur'an; Qur'an is Muslims holy book. However, Muslims believe in all other God holy books (Psalms, Torah, and the Bible)Judaism - The Bible, also called the Old Testament. Additionally, the Mishna and the Talmud, that are later books of law. Christianity - The New Testament.Islam - The Kuran

Basically, each religion has its own holy books - that is, books which at least the corresponding religion considers to be holy. For example, Christians consider the Bible to be holy (both the Old Testament and the New Testament), Jews consider the Old Testament (or parts of it? - I am not quite sure) and the Torah to be holy books, muslims consider the Quran to be holy scripture, and Bahá'ís consider anything written by their founders (for example, the Most Holy Book, the Book of Certitude, and many others) to be holy scripture, etc.

At the beginning of the Bibler. It's one of two Testaments in the Christian Holy Book, alongside the New Testament. It also can be found in the Jewish Holy Scriptures I think.

The book of Jonah appears on the Old Testament in the collection of the Twelve minor prophets.

The gifts are mentioned in the new testament and not in the old testament. Mostly in the books of Paul.

The New Testament of the Bible is the Christian holy book. The book covers the birth, life and death of Christ as well as various other chapters depicting famous individuals of the period and predictions of the future and Armageddon.

The New Testament is the Holy Book that refers to the life of Jesus Christ and the life of the early christians

Jews and Christians both consider the Old Testament as sacred-- but Jews do not call it the Old Testament; they call it the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible (Jews do not use the term "Old Testament" since they do not accept that there is a "New Testamant"). Christians, on the other hand, have two holy books-- the Old Testament, and an additional holy book-- the New Testament, which is their primary religious scripture, since it tells the story of the founding of the Christian religion. Jews do not use the New Testament, nor do they regard it as sacred to Judaism.

The Jewish holy book is the Torah not whatever the heck you thought it could be. It uis written in Hebrew and is the old testament in a regular kjv bible. Any other version like niv or etc. Is different in wording.

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