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Is the next halo going to be named halo 4?


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There is Halo ODST, the latest halo game being made by Bungie. Halo wars is not made by bungie

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Yes there is going to be a halo ODST, in fact its out right now. as for a halo 4 Microsoft has said they are considering it thought right now they are working on Halo Reach a prequel to halo Combat evolved. Apperently Halo reach reach will be the next series, so no Halo 4

I am not sure. I don't work for binge but I do know that halo 3 odst takes place in Halo 2 and they were going going to name It halo 4 odst but they named halo 3 odst

this march its called halo wars and halo 4 should be coming out in the next few years after that their won't be anymore

Halo 4 is called Halo 4.

Halo 4 is not going to come out. Bungie is working on the last halo game which is Halo 3 ODST.

No, the Arbiter is not in Halo 4.

There isn't going to be a halo 4, sorry ):

There was never a beta for Halo 4.

Most likely a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved (the first Halo). But I have heard that Microsot will get 343 Studios to pick up where Bungie left off on Halo 4

There IS going to be a Halo 4, just not made by 343 Industries

they are going to make halo 4 but bunige will not be making that

the newest halo game so far is halo osdt but halo wars is newer than halo 4 @axe11154 part um halo 4 hasn't been made in fact there may never be one the next halo game coming out is halo reach and that's a prequel to halo wars wait what ok so 3 games going forward halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 3 going backwards halo 3 odst halo wars halo reach wtf

Actually Halo 4 is the next game.

Halo 4 will be coming out in holiday 2012 Beta is already out

Halo 4 is amazing. It's a totally different game than Reach or Halo 3.

There isn't going to be a Halo 4. Halo wars is coming out and I heard somewhere about a game called Halo 3 Recon.

The DMR has been confirmed that it is coming back into the halo series. Aslo the br,ar, and the new rail gun is going to be in halo 4 as well.

No halo reach is going to be the last halo ( at least made by bungie)

Right now Microsoft is working on a Halo 4. It is Unknown if there will be a Halo 7.

Yes he does. Next year the Halo series continues with Halo 4

Yes. 343 Industries will be making Halo 4.

They say that their will be a halo 4, which is the movie.

yes they are the reason is because in the end he is put back in the ice thing so they are gonna make a halo 4 yes they are making a halo 4 but master chief is dead so they are replacing him with a guy named head halo or (halo head). sorry the top answer is right. master chief is still alive and halo 4 is going to be the end if halo 4 is the end well that sucks but wat about he arbiter huh thata hope!!!!!

Chronologically, Halo: Combat Evovled is after Halo: Reach. The next game after Rwach was made has been suggested to be Halo 4. This has been near enough confirmed by Microsoft and 343.

Yes Halo 4 by 343 industries (basically bungie focused all on halo)

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