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the nokia 5230 is not a good phone as it is not a android

i would not reccomend that you buy this phone verry much verry much ThANxS

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How do you install android in Nokia 5230?

You don't install Android on Nokia 5230. It's just not possible.

Is the Nokia 5230 a good phone?

the Nokia 5230 is a good phone ! ....... it has a sensitive screen good colours light got Internet i would recommend it the proof is that i have that phone

How do you unlock a Nokia 5230 mobile phone?

You can network unlock Nokia 5230 from any vendors online like Unlocking4u.com

Is the Samsung tocco lite better than the nokia 5230 mobile?

ive got a nokia 5230 mobile and my friend has a samsung tocco but we swapped for a day but we think that my phone (nokia 5230) is better

How do you increase phone memory of nokia 5230?

Bahenchod i am suffering with same problem, Nokia 5230 ke maa ki chut

Is Nokia 500 an android phone?

No. Nokia does not offer Android phones.

Is Nokia Asha 210 an Android phone?

The Nokia Asha is not an Android phone, and it uses proprietary software.

Is there a camera flash on the Nokia 5230?

No, it doesn't. There is no flash for the camera in Nokia 5230.

Is Nokia E63 is android phone?

Dear thanks a lot for your ask. No brother so far I know Nokia e63 is not an android phone. And Nokia did not use Android in their phone still now.

How do you add a signature on the Nokia 5230?

you cant add one to the nokia 5230.. sorry!!

Is the Nokia phone 900 an Android?

No, the operating system of the nokia phone 900 is Windows phone.

Is Nokia Lumia 610 an Android phone?

No. The Nokia Lumia 610 does not run the Android OS. The phone currently runs Windows Phone 7.5

Is the nokia C2-03 phone a android smartphone?

No. The Nokia C2-03 is a feature phone and does not run on the android OS.

Is Nokia Asha 501 an Android phone?

No. The Nokia Asha 501 is a feature phone. Feature phones do not support the android OS.

How do you connect nokia 5230 to PC?

You can connect Nokia 5230 to your PC in a number of ways. The one I prefer is using a compatible USB cable. However, It doesn't come with the phone, so you have to buy one.

Is the Nokia X a true Android or just a Wannabe?

The Nokia X is a true Android phone and not a wannabe.

How do you unlock Nokia 5230?

You can unlock your Nokia 5230 mobile phone by using unlock code. I would suggest you to get this code from Mobileunlocksolutions at reasonable price. They ask you to specify the country name, current network provider and IMEI number of your mobile phone.

Unlock Nokia 5230 nuron?

You can network unlock Nokia 5230 from any vendors online like Unlocking4u.com

Is Nokia X6 an android?

No. It is a Symbian phone.

Did Nokia have Android OS?

No, Nokia only use Symbian and Windows phone.

Is Nokia Lumia 510 an Android phone?

No, the Nokia Lumia 510 is a Windows phone, with a Windows Phone 7.8 OS.

Can android install on Nokia 3110c?

No. The nokia 3110c is a basic phone and is incompatible with the Android OS. Therefore, it cannot be installed.

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