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There are many pre-paid cards that claim to be banks. These are not real bank accounts. Many times they have large fees associated with them. It is always best to attempt to find an account with a regular bank.

2008-08-15 06:42:09
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Q: Is the online bank account now dot net a safe choice or is it a rip off?
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Does AccountNow offer an online bank account?

AccountNow does offer online bank accounts as well as information on how to keep your account and money safe. They also have a 100% approval rating for obtaining an account and no credit checks!

Is it safe to have an online-only checking account?

An online only checking account is safe if it is offered by a reputable company. Some reputable bank companies are PayPal and ING DIRECT.

How secure is the money I keep in an online checking account?

It is very safe to keep money in an online checking account. You can read about the safety measure of Bank of America at

Is your money safe if you are to deposit it in banks?

As long as the online bank is a member of the FDIC, the money you deposit in your savings account is federally insured up to $250,000. You can check the current FDIC status of the bank by going to the FDIC website. Never open any bank account, online or off, with a bank that is not an active member of the FDIC.

How safe is it to bank online?

It is very safe to bank online. Most people who suffer from identity theft is due to credit card usage, not from online banking.

Is it safe to give a landlord your bank account information?

It is generally safe to give a landlord your bank account information. They are usually responsible and need it for credit checks or guarantees of payment.

Is online banking safe?

I enrolled in online banking when my bank first offered it. I have had no problems with it and actually feel more informed since I can check my account and view messages whenever I want. online banking is safer than online shopping for sure. there are multiple layers of security to protect your account. Don�t give out your username and password and it will be as safe as anything can be.

Is ordering checks online safe?

Only if you use a reputable company. Check them out with the BBB online first! Don't jam your bank account number into any website that claims to offer check reordering. If you order from a well known company and your order checks out through a secure connection, you will be very safe. Even your bank may allow you to order online if you have online banking access. Remember, your bank will be more expensive than other vendors and have less choice. My prefered site is listed in related links - and so is the link to the BBB report that gives the company an A+ rating.

How safe are online banks to bank with?

Internet banking is very safe. Banks should be insured with the FDIC. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Proper precautions should always be used when accessing your online account. This would include safe guarding your user name and password.

Is your money safe in an online savings account?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protects the money in the bank accounts of U.S. consumers. Before opening an online savings account, contact the FDIC to see if your bank is covered by this insurance. The FDIC website has a tool that can help you with this process. Visit As long as the online savings account is FDIC insured, your money should be safe. You can visit the FDIC website ( to check and make sure that the institution in which you plan to open an account is covered.

Is money safe when the bank fails?

As long as your bank is insured by the FDIC the first 250k of each bank account is covered by the FDIC

Why is it important to find a safe bank to open a savings account?

Because, it is our hard earned money and if the bank fails or goes bankrupt, all the money we deposit with it is also gone. So it is always important to find a safe bank to open a savings account.

How does a child savings account work?

A child savings account is a bank account that allows and teaches your child to save their money in a safe and responsible way, at a bank instead of somewhere at home where it can get lost.

Is online banking with Wachovia safe?

Online banking with any major bank is considered safe, though nothing is considered 100% secure.

Are online bank accounts safe to use?

The safety of online bank accounts is relative. Online bank accounts merely offer the potential for safe online banking. One way to better protect yourself is to confirm that an online bank is legitimate first. It is important to carefully read the online banks "About Us" section and to verify the bank's insurance status by looking for "Member FDIC" or "FDIC insured" on their website.

What is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's NetBank feature good for?

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia's NetBank feature is good for easy online banking. It is safe, quick, and secure. It also saves you the time and gas that you would be wasting by driving to the bank to check your account balances.

Does Minecraft hack your bank account?

If you are using safe hacks with no keyloggers and other viruses it wont hack your bank account. Always scan files you have downloaded from internet.

Why Open an Online Bank Account?

Having an online checking account is an easy way to make your finances a lot more convenient. One way that this works is by allowing you to keep tabs on your spending while on the go. You can normally check your account balance online from your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. This is fantastic for when you're traveling and need to know how much money you have in your account before making a purchase decision. This is a lot easier for you rather than having to call the bank up and provide them with information that you may not know or remember. A good thing about online banking is also how safe it is for you. Online checking accounts are incredibly safe and secure, so you will not have to worry that you are being hacked into at all hours of the day and night. You just need to log into your account and feel safe knowing that no one else can obtain this information from you. Most online banks will also make you change your password every few months to ensure that you are continually kept safe and secure when using their many services. This is one way for you to avoid the problems that often come when creating online accounts. If you feel that online banking is right for you, make sure to speak with a bank teller the next time you visit your local branch. The teller will be able to tell you how to create an account and will also explain how safe their online services are if you choose to make use of them. If you are noticing that you are sick and tired of visiting the local branch because of its inconvenience or that you are having issues keeping tabs on your money, your next option is to open up an online account and to make use of it every single day. You may even wonder why you've never had an online bank account in the past because of how simple they make things for you.

Is paying your credit card bills online a safe choice?

Paying credit card bills online is a personal choice. As long as there is a lock on the screen, the website is supposed to be safe. However, there are always a potential for a breakdown in security.

How do you remove a bank levy in California?

the state of california franchise has levyed my bank account and safe deposit can that re referred

On club penguin can you undo your ultimate safe chat be specific?

No. The only choice is to restart your account.

Should I get an offshore banking account?

If you have had security issues in the past, then an offshore bank account would be a good idea. however if you feel that your money would be safe it would be easier to keep it in the same bank account.

You are looking for information on an old savings account and safe deposit box the last record you have is from a statement dated 123191 Where would you locate this information?

Contact the bank the savings account and safe deposit box were with. What bank do I contact and what is their address or phone number

How can you obtain a deceased parent's bank account or get access to their safe deposit box?

Go to the bank with signed proof of the parent's death, and proof that you are the executor of the will, or that you are a trustee if the account/box is in the name of a trust. You should have your parent's safe deposit box key.

If I wanted to have another party put money in my account is it safe?

Anyone who has you bank details can deposit money into your account. Only YOU can withdraw it.