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Yes. It is a noun phrase.

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Q: Is the phrase New Year Blessings grammatically correct?
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Is it grammatically correct to write end-of-the-year or end of the year?

end of the year

They will be living in their new house by next year Is this sentence grammatically correct?

Yes it is.

Is it grammatically correct to say 'almost exactly'?

She was in traction, in the hospital for almost a year is this written correctly?

What is correct an year or a year?

The correct use of this phrase is "a year" Ex. "Twice a year, Three times a year, 14 times a year."

Is it grammatically correct to say Her sister and her?

Yes, that is grammatically correct, as long as you are using them as objects, although it is probably more usual to say "her and her sister". For example, it is correct to say "He dated her sister and her last year." "He dated her and her sister last year" is also correct. If you are using them as subjects, however, you must use "she" instead of "her": "She and her sister both attended Evergreen College." It is incorrect to use "she" as an object or "her" as a subject.

What is rightly written 20 year warranty or 20 years warranty grammatically?

20-year warranty would be correct: 20-year is a compound adjective applied to warranty.

Is the word an year is true grammatically?

An year is not correct grammatically. An is only used before a vowel. Year begins with a Y so one would write 'a year'. But an apple; an egg, an institute, an opening, an umbrella. However if a U is pronounced 'yu' as in 'use' or 'Ugandan' then one uses 'a'. A useful thing. A Ugandan man.

Is it grammatically correct to write 20th Year Reunion Classes of 1986 1987 1988 on a banner?

No. Write either 20th Reunion Classes or 20-Year Reunion Classes.

Is it correct grammar to write About a year and a half year ago?

No, it is not correct grammar to write About a year and a half year ago.The correct way: about a year and a half ago.Example sentences:The family moved out about a year and a half ago.About a year and a half ago, I broke my ankle.The phrase "about a year and a half ago" means "about 18 months ago".

Is the phrase requirements for your first initial year correct?

It should be either of following two sentence: 1. my requirements for your first year 2. my requirements for your initial year

What does akemashite mean in Japanese?

Grammatically speaking, 'akemashite' comes from 'akeru' meaning 'to open, to dawn, etc'. In usage, 'akemashite omedtou gozaimasu' is the formal greeting for new year, but 'akeome', and 'akemashite' also are used as short forms of the same long phrase. In that phrase it means "congratulations of the new year 'arriving/dawning'".

Is 'New Year's has past' proper?

New Year's has past is not grammatically correct. The word 'past' is a noun, an adjective, an adverb, or a preposition. The verb forms are pass, passes, passing, and passed.You could say either: New Year's has passed. or, New Year's is in the past.

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