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No, Pirate Bay is not illegal, but some of the things you download may be illegal, such as, if you download a movie made by someone and you have permission for it to be hosted for free download, then it is fine. But if someone is hosting a movie by Universal Studios then you download it, it IS illegal. Be weary of what you download :).

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Q: Is the pirate bay illegal in the us?
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Is downloading things off of pirate bay really illegal?

Yes. Receiving copyrighted material and not paying for it is illegal. If you were to download from Pirate Bay, it would be illegal.

Is pirate bay illegal in scotland?


What are the main illegal downloading sites?

The Pirate Bay

Which is the best illegal download site?

Pirate bay

Is it illegal to download music from pirate bay?

Yes, just about everything there is illegal.

Is pirate bay illegal?

I think not, if it is used like us persons, for private use and research we can use through any mode.

Is The Pirate Bay is not legal anymore?

It still is but its illegal for you if you download copyrighted material

Can you go to jaol for downloading stuff from the pirate bay?

No You can't it is Illegal to charge someone for Pirating in the us watch this film on hulu Steal This Film.

How do you download episodes for free?

Well first of all its illegal but you can find it at the pirate bay.

Is thepiratebay blocked in the US?

As of August 2013, The Pirate Bay is not locked in the US. A person should avoid using the site because it promotes illegal downloading of music and movies.

How do you get on pirate bay for free?

The Pirate Bay is legal in countries outside the US. US laws forbid sites like this but there site's servers are not in the US so the US can't do anything. You can not be safe on these kind of websites downloading things. If your internet provider finds out they my tell you to stop and there will be legal consequences if you continue. You may or may not get caught but there is no way to make sure you don't get caught. I would recommend not downloading things from illegal sites.

Is Adobe free on Pirate Bay?

Downloading Adobe products on TPB without owning them is illegal