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Technically it is nimbi, but since users of modern English are partial to ignoring the forms of another language when using its words nimbuses might also be used incorrectly.

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Q: Is the plural of nimbus nimbi?
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What is the plural form for nimbus?

The plural form for nimbus (grey rain cloud) is nimbi.

What are rain clouds called?

a rain cloud is called nimbus, plural of nimbus is nimbi or nimbuses

What are dark rain clouds starts with n ends in you 5 letters?

The plural of "nimbus" is "nimbi." The "u" is likely to be incorrect.

What is the correct plural form of the word nimbus?


What is the plural form of nimbus?


How much rain falls in the Nimbi Desert?

There is no "Nimbi Desert.' Were you referring to the Namib Desert?

What is a rare plant in the Nimbi Desert?

There is no 'Nimbi Desert.' Perhaps you mean the Namib Desert?

When will there be a nimbi toy?

nonoof your business

What is the definition of nimbus?

Nimbus is a type of storm.

What do the acronyms NIMBI stand for?

Not in My Best Interests

What is the color of the nimbus cloud?

Gray to very dark gray. There are various types of nimbus clouds. Nimbus clouds are associated with rain. As a matter of fact nimbus is Latin for rain.

What is a five letter word for rain clouds?


What is the name of the latest Nimbus model broomstick in Harry Potter?

A nimbus 2001 is the last you here of the nimbus series in Harry Potter. The Slytherin house team all have one but when Harry's Nimbus 2000 is destroyed he gets a firebolt instead of another nimbus

What cloud produces thundershowers?

That would be the nimbus or cumulo nimbus.

What is Latin meaning for Nimbus Clouds?

nimbus means precipitation

Can you put nimbus in a sentence?

That cloud looks like a nimbus.

What cloud makes it rain?

nimbus/ cumulo-nimbus clouds

When was Nimbus Sans created?

Nimbus Sans was created in 1999.

When was Nimbus Publishing created?

Nimbus Publishing was created in 1978.

When was Oreokera nimbus created?

Oreokera nimbus was created in 1987.

When was RM Nimbus created?

RM Nimbus was created in 1985.

When was Nimbus Records created?

Nimbus Records was created in 1972.

When do you see nimbus clouds?

nimbus clouds often mean that a thunder storm isbrewing mostly see nimbus clouds when it is going to rain or snow

What is a nimbus?


What does Nimbus mean in Latin?

The Latin root "nimbus" means "rainstorm".

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