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No, more than one platypus is two or more platypuses. The plural is not 'platypi'.

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What is the correct way to say the plural of platypus?

The plural of platypus is platypuses.It is not platypi.

What is the name of more than one platypus?

The plural of platypus is platypuses. It is not 'platypi'.

How did the platypus get called platypi?

It isn't. The plural of platypus is platypuses, not platypi.

What is the plural of platypus?

"Platypus" or "platypuses" are both accepted plural forms.The plural of platypus is not platypi. It is unfortunate that some dictionaries include platypi as a plural. Listing "octopi" as the plural of octopus is also incorrect, for the same reason. Both words are from Greek, not Latin."Platypi" is a colloquialism, and incorrect both grammatically and etymologically. The term uses pseudo-Latin rules.

Do some animals plural end in pi?

octopus- octopi platypus- platypuses not platypi.

What do you call more than one platypus?

More than one platypus is two or more platypuses. The plural is not 'platypi'.

What is the word for more than one platypus?

More than one platypus is "platypuses". It is not "platypi".

What is the plural of Arceus?

I'm not sure why you would need this but i would go with Arcei. Kinda like plural for platypus is platypi.

Is the plural of platypus platypodes?

That would be the plural using Greek rules: both platypus and octopus are from Greek, and do not (as is commonly assumed) use the Latin plurals platypi and octopi.The correct English plural is either platypuses or the same word platypus (used as a group noun, like sheep or trout).

Is multiple platypus platypi or platypus?

Multiple platypus are Platypuses.

Why is octopi the plural of octopus but platypus is platypuses and not platypi?

The pluralization of octopus as "octopi" is in fact, in its Latinate form, incorrect, as this would require it to be a second declension Latin word. Since its classification in Latin form is third declension, according to classical Latin grammar rules, the plural of octopus should be octopodes. In any case, the more commonly used plural of octopus is "octopuses" - which classicists regard as an incorrect oversimplification. Besides this, the plural of platypus cannot be universally agreed upon either - "platypuses", "platypus", and "platypi", as well as the grammatically correct plural "platypodes", are used with varying levels of popularity.

What is a group of platterpus called?

unfortunately, you misspelled platypus. it is a common mistake though. more than one platypus are platypi.

What are platypeople?

Platypeople are giant hybrids of platypus and man. Kind of like the minotaur, half bull & half man.'Platypeople' was a term used as a plural for 'platypus' in the popular kid's TV show, Phineas and Ferb. It was used alongside 'platypuses' and 'platypi'.

Are platypus feral?

No. They are wild. Feral refers to animals that were once domesticated or their descendants. Platypi were never domesticated.

What is the plural possessive form of platypus?

The plural possessive form of platypus is platypuses', e.g. The platypuses' burrows were washed out by the floods.

Are killer platypus real?

No. There are no killer platypuses/platypi. The male platypus possesses a poisonous spur on his hind leg which can incapacitate a human, causing agonising pain, but it is only enough to kill a small dog.

Can platypuses eat frogs?

First of all there's no such word as platypuses, its platypi. its their favourite food. without frogs there would probably be no platypi in the world!

What is the word platypus in German?

The word for platypus in German is "Schnabeltier".

What is the English plural form of cactus?

The plural forms for cactus are cacti or cactuses, both are accepted.Some words that come from Latin, such as cactus, stimulus, nucleus, and radius, still act as they did in Latin. That is, they form a plural by replacing the -us with -i. For some words (such as radius) the ordinary English rules of plurals are often used. Many words that end in -us (such as octopus) are not from Latin, but the -i plural is mistakenly applied.Singular ends in -us/Plural ends in -i:alumnus/ alumnibacillus/ bacillicactus/ cactinucleus/ nucleistimulus/ stimulifocus/ fociradius/ radiiterminus/ terminivillus/ villiOf course to confuse the issue further, the English plural of "virus" is "viruses" not viri; and the word platypus forms the plurals platypus or platypuses, not platypi.

How do you pronounce more than one platypus?

The plural of platypus is platypuses.It is pronounced plat - i - puss - es.

Can you please give me some information about a platypus?

Platypuses (usual plural form of platypus) are one of only five species of mammals that lay eggs instead of giving live birth. They are semi-aquatic mammals with an unusual appearance including a duck-like bill, a tail like a beaver, and webbed feet like an otter. An adult male has a spur on each of its hind feet that can deliver a painful wound by injecting venom into its adversary. The venom can kill small animals, although it is excruciatingly painful but not deadly to humans.

What is the plural of the word crises?

The word crises is a plural word; it is the plural form of the word crisis.

Is a platypus a masculine word or a feminine?

platypus is the name of a species as in masculine and feminine

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