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it is considered as a condensation reaction...

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Q: Is the polymerization of a nylon considered a condensation or an addition reaction?
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What type of reaction adds a monomer to a polymer?

Such reactions are known as polymerization processes, they are of two types 1- addition polymerization and 2- condensation polymerization.

What type of reaction forms polymers?

Emulsion, Solution, Suspension, Addition and Condensation polymerization.

What is the name for the polymerization reaction involving sugars?

carbohydrate polymerase reaction is a condensation polymerization reaction

What is the nylon polymerization reaction?


What are the differences between addition and condensation reaction polymerization reaction?

the structural unit of step reaction polymerization are chemically identical to the monomer employed in the reaction while those of the chain reaction may or may not be identical addition or step polymers take their names from their starting monomers while those of the chain reaction is not so

What is the name of the chemical reaction which combines monomers to make polymers?

Simply - polymerization. However, this is usually addition polymerization but not always. Nylon is formed by condensation polymerization and the polymers used to make waterbased latex paints is usually called emulsion polymerization.

What are polymerization reaction sometimes called dehydration synthesis reaction?

A "condensation" reaction or sometimes it is an "elimination" reaction.

Which chemical reaction is nylon made?

Nylon is typically made by a condensation-polymerization reaction.

What is another name for an addition reaction?


Why is this polymerization reaction known as addition polymerization?

In this type of polymerization monomers are added successive without any loss of molecule or atom.

What are the similarities between addition polymerization and condensation polymerization?

Polymerization describes the formation of of large molecules (polymers) with repeating structure from smaller molecules (monomers) . The word polymer comes from Greek words meaning many (poly-) and parts (-mer). Many of the resulting molecules are plastics, so polymer is occasionally used in place of the word plastic, though this is not an accurate usage. Polymerization is an all-encompassing term that describes formation of polymers by any method.There are two main types of polymerization; addition polymerization and condensation polymerization. Addition polymerization creates larger molecules by opening up double bonds on the smaller molecules (monomers). These opened-up bonds react with parts of other monomers (single part) to form dimers (double part). This reaction can repeat to add another molecule to for a trimer (three part). This continues until you obtain the right size molecule and you stop the reaction. Addition polymerixation can occur using a single type of monomer. There are no by products of the reaction except the longer chain molecules (polymers).In condensation polymerization, two monomers of different types are used. They have different types of reactive (or functional) groups on them. A reaction between monomer A and monomer B results in a dimer, plus another small molecule (often water) that is not part of the polymer. To create long polymers the monomers must have reactive groups on both ends or a chain cannot be formed.Polymerization is an all-encompassing term for creating polymers by any method. Condensation Polymerization is a term denoting a specific type of reaction for creating polymers.

What type of reaction links monomers to polymers?

Polymerization reactions link monomers to polymers. There are numerous types of polymerization reactions: radical, anionic, cationic, condensation, etc.

State whether polyethylene is a condensation or addition polymarization product?

it is a product of addition reaction.

What type of chemical reaction takes place with a monomer plus monomer and the product is polymer plus water?

This is a condensation polymerization.

What is concentration polymerization?

If you're talking about condensation polymerization, it is a reaction in which monomers join together to give a long chain molecule (the polymer) and a small molecule, usually water or hydrochloric acid, like Nylon.

In what type of chemical reaction would produce a macromolecule?

These are generally referred to as polymerization reactions. They may also be called condensation reactions sometimes.

Is condensation exothermic?

Condensation is considered a type of exothermic reaction. Condensation is something that is released, which means that is exothermic instead of endothermic.

What is the chemical reaction that builds up complex proteins from amino acids?

it is condensation polymerization among amino acids alongwith the removal of water molecules....

What reaction causes a polymer?

A polymerization reaction.

What type of reaction is used to produce polyethylene from ethylene?

Either addition polymerization or substitution. See also the link below.

Is the forward reaction a condensation reaction or hydrolysis?

condensation reaction

Is sucrose a hydrolysis reaction or a condensation reaction?

condensation reaction

What is the definition of condensation reaction?

A condensation reaction is a chemical reaction where man-made polymers are made. Condensation reaction is a reaction that links monomers with the release of water.

Is polymerization to form polyethylene a chemical or physical property?

Polymerization is not a property; it is a type of chemical reaction.

What is the reaction that links monomers to form a chain?

This reaction is called polymerization.