Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

Is the port jacksons shark endangered?

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It is not endangered! arent you happpy?

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Is the basking shark endangered?

The basking shark is endangered.

What is the most endangered shark?

The Ganges shark is the most endangered shark so far

Is shark endangered species?

Shark is not a species. Therefore cannot be endangered.

Are great white shark endangered?

yes great white shark are endangered

Is the Lemon shark endangered?

The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) is not an endangered species.

What is the most endangered shark in the world?

the great white shark is the most endangered :(

What is the most endangered species of shark?

The most endangered species of shark is the GREAT WHITE!!

What year did whale shark become endangered?

The whale shark is not endangered, but it is listed as Vulnerable.

What sharks that live in Europe are endangered?

The Hammerhead Shark Is The Only Endangered Shark In Europe Known

Are Mako Sharks endangered?

The Mako Shark is endangered.

Are the great white shark endangered or not?

yes they are endangered

Which is the most endangered shark in the world?

Bull shark

Is the thresher shark endangered?

almost every shark is

Why is the hammerhead shark endangered?

The hammerhead shark is listed as endangered because it is targeted by the Asian people for the shark fin trade. This shark is likely to be lost to extinction if the practice does not stop.

How many shark species are endangered?

Out of 400 species of shark there are more than 100 species that are on the endangered list. Some of these are the Atlantic Ghost Cat shark, the Angel shark, and the banded cat shark.

Is the reef shark endangered?


Why the pondicherry sharks are endangered?

why is pondicherry shark becoming endangered

How long have sharks been endangered?

Different shark species landed on the endangered species list at different times. Some species of critically endangered sharks include the ground shark, dogfish, and the angel shark.

What is the main airport of new guinea?

jacksons air port

How did Borneo sharks become endangered?

how did the borneo shark bacome endangered

Is the grey reef shark endangered?

They are not endangered yet, but they are near-threattened.

Is the tiger shark endangered?

Yes they are

Is the cookie cutters shark endangered?


Are goblin sharks endangered?

no one knows yetNo, The Goblin Shark (Mitsukurina Owstoni) is not endangered. It was thought to have been because the shark tends to reside in deeper waters. The shark is, however, extremely rare which is another reason it was though to be endangered.

Is The Gray Nurse Shark endangered?

yes, these sharks are endangered but i dont know how

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