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The only differences are between a regular Cherokee and a Grand Cherokee.

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Q: Is the power window regulator the same for a 1998 Jeep Cherokee and a 1998 Cherokee Laredo?
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Where can I get a diagragm for the power window assembly for a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Purchase a Haynes manual from an auto parts store.

Can you raise power window manually?

You have to disconnect the glass from the regulator or clip the regulator cables.See this post for instructions

How do you get window up when motor is gone in 95 aurora?

You have to disconnect the glass from the regulator or clip the regulator cables.Here's how

How do you fix a car's power window?

usually by replacing window regulator.

How do you fix a power window that has jumped off track on your '98 Jeep Cherokee?

pls see...

How do you replace achieva power window motor?

Remove the window regulator assembly from the door.Remove the motor from the regulator by drilling out the attaching rivets with a 3/16 in. drill bit.Connect the window motor to the regulator with 3/16 in. rivets.Install the window regulator assembly.

What is the name of the part that a power window rolls up and down on?

window regulator

Wow do i get my power windows up on my 96 aurora?

If the regulator is broken, you'll have to clip the cables to get to the window glass attaching bolts.Here's how to do it

Is the power window regulator built into the power window electric motor on your 2003 Ford Expedition?

No they are not. They are available separately. The motor is available from most parts houses...the regulator is dealer only!!!

Will a crank window glass for 1988 mustang gt replace a power window glass?

Only if you change out the entire regulator. The power regulator unit is pitched a little different due to the power motor components.

How do you fix front power window on drivers side of 2000 Jeep Laredo?

kick it

Your power window doesnt go up or down and you hear the motor working when you hit switch you can move your window up and down half way with your hands?

Broken regulator. REplace it. Here's how: