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It depends whether the program offers what you need to do well in the classes you will be taking.

Cornell's Applied Economics and Management program is top notch with plenty of opportunities to accelerate your education. Although expensive, it is beneficial. If you are looking for someone equally as beneficial that costs much, much less you should go to your local community college and get pre-reqs out of the way. If you can take AP English and score a 5, you place out of 1 semester of Freshman Writing Seminar. If you take AP Match and score a 4 or 5 you place out of Math. Take it from a Cornell Alum who LOVED AEM... get a head so you can spend senior year taking all of the fun classes like International Business Strategy, Food Industry Marketing, and additional Business Law classes.

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Q: Is the pre-college summer program at Cornell or John Hopkins or Brown best for someone who wants to be a business major?
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